Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meet "Princess Billie" ,,,,,,I Love what I get to take part in!

My friend Dani commissioned me a while back to make a custom crown for her grandaughter Billie's, 1st Birthday! It took a while to get a photo of the "Princess" in all her finery, but HOW cute is she????

Little Princess "B"

Can you even Stand it? And, I'm so pleased that I got to be "part of her 'Special Day'!"

Grandma Dani (although I feel weird calling her that, because, TRULY she's got to be the YOUNGEST looking Grandma I'VE ever seen/known) especially, as I have gotten to know her in recent years. She is truly a remarkable woman and juggles more "balls in the air" than anyone I know! Good sized family, cooking, helping manage local businesses,  does custom upholstery  (did I spell that wrong, or does it just look weird tonight) to DIE FOR, I kid you not! And so, much more! She's as quiet as I am outspoken, as organized as I am Not! Truth be told? I probably have a bit of "Dani Envy." I'll never have my life as orderly as she does.   Oh yeah, and I forgot the part about her being petite and gorgeous! (Knowing Dani, she's blushing right now, but it's TRUE!)  And that's part of what I appreciate about her,,,the unassuming-ness, that truly? Makes her all the more admirable.

It's fun to have friends that are entirely different than you! I admire her talents and ablilities so. And yet, I am blessed, because Dani has been a supporter of my creative and artistic endeavors, from darn near the beginning. She's bought "stuff"/creations of mine from Joyworks, or pieces I've done for shows, and the latest, "Princess B's" crown.......I'm truly honored that she supports my artistic endeavors. And, again, I was honored to be a little part of her "Princess B's" event!

I DO love what I do,,,,,have fun creating things, but it's even MORE fun to be a part of a celebration.
The pic from Dani of "B's" crown was affirmation, surely, and today at Joyworks I sold  one of my simple little "Bird Picks" in Vintage thread spools...........

Bird spools...............

The woman that bought one, was giving to her daughter and son-in-law as a little Anniversary present.  Each "bird" I made had a different affirmation on it, and I didn't see which she'd bought, but I just thought, "how fun to be part of their celebration!"

 I'm sure I'm not the only Artisan/crafter that feels this way! We're lucky to make any profits from what we do, BUT feeling like we've altered a celebration, a fashion, an event, keeps us going!

I hope you're having a GREAT long weekend, whatever your up to! I'm going to post a "Voting link" for Joyworks on my sidebar in a couple of minutes for "Best Gift Shop" of Western Washington......Frankly? I don't know IF they limit it to Washingtonian's or NOT! But even if you're NOT Local,,,you could TRY to log in and Vote for the Best G-Darn "GIFT" Store in the whole World-okay they're really asking for stores in Washington state..........LOL,,,,,Joyworks! But I KNOW  LULU would vote for us.........and maybe Lynn, Vickie,  Connie, or Debbie, or Jill,,,,,,,So, IF they let "Out of staters cast a vote,You'd best be giving us YOURS! I hope!

No matter, Love you All, enjoy the rest of your weekend, what YOU do, and
Big old HUGS, LOVE and a "Royal Bus" on the Cheek in recognition of "Princesss B!"


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh you KNOW I would vote for them!!!

    Call me this morning before you go to work if you have's 3am your time so I hope you are sleeping soundly right now!

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. I'd vote but your icon isn't clickable. Let me know the url and I'll go vote. Hugs to you!

  3. What a sweet one year old. She is just adorable. And, of course, I would vote for you if it clicks!
    Big hugs and a appreciative bus on the cheek!

  4. LOVE Joyworks and I'm local so I can go all the time!! But, boo- link isn't clickable...
    Help us!!

  5. Little Princess B is just delightful in her beautiful crown! What a sweet photo, and yes, I agree, that grandmother of hers is just as beautiful...Good genes run in that family! A really fun post, Shell! Love your blog...Denise


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