Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Masks, a "Fascinating" Halloween, an Opinion please and Getting REAL(istic)

Busy couple of days! Working on some furniture, fulfilling a few orders and creating a few new items.......I really had fun making these Masks!

Turquoise, Raspberry, Lime green and Golds.....

Hard to tell from the photos, but I used Textured Creme wallpaper for the "base" papers, Hope to finish a couple more tomorrow.........

Then "Marla," My Mannequin Muse found this Mini Witch hat, simply "Fascinating!"

A bit hard to see in the photo ON her, so I took another,,,,,,,,

Today, I also took my little 91yo friend Helen for a Cupcake-This time at "Simply Sweet" Cupcakes new  2nd location! I've been meaning to stop in and check it out! Located just outside of Historical Snohomish in a brand spankin' new building! We had a "cuppycake" and coffee and Emily requested more Hats for the store!

And, OH? Give me an opinion if you please! I have some rattan chairs that I repainted Black for my "Ruffles and Rust"booth next month.......and  for the cushions, I have a neutral open-weave fabric, similar to Burlap, but a BIT lighter in color and quite a bit softer in texture. I'm trying to decide whether to put a transfer or stencil on the seat cushions, or just leave them plain......thoughts? Opinions? I'd love to hear 'em!

I TRULY tried to log on the last couple of evenings and play "catch up" with some blog friends.
My son Andrew keeps telling me I need to buy a laptop and get rid or my old clunker and go wireless,,,,,the service I pay for a landline phone and internet is becoming extinct. I HATE the thought of just tossing my 'puter.' I hate the thought that I/'we" are outdated! And if you've followed me for a while, you may remember I don't USE a cell phone. Unless I'm on a long road trip and THEN it's only for emergencies and don't ask me the number because I don't KNOW it! HA!  Okay,,,,,Birthday in a month, exactly! Oh my Stars...... One that USED to be that USED to trigger the start of Social Security checks......I am not THAT old!

So, perhaps,  along with the pink highlights I got in my hair this year, I'd best decide whether I'm gonna get OLD and complacent, or upgrade my G-Darn Computer, Internet and Phone!

Love, Hugs and a "Get Real" Bus to you all!
Hope you are having a good week,


  1. {{{{{{{SHELL}}}}}}}} I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    I am going to catch up on your postings and then I will call you tomorrow when the little ones go to the Wash N Curl!

    I will be working on some jewelry pieces next week to get ready to send you before I leave to go home for my Happy Cake Day! I get to go be with Lisa and my kids for my Cake Day! YAY!!!!


    p.s. I do think you need a new will really love it!! xoxo

  2. p.s. I would definitely put a stencil on the seat cushion :) If I were buying the chair you know I would want a skull on it with a crown! Tee hee!

  3. Love the masks, specially love the little spooky hat.
    I would vote for laptop and wireless, go for it!

  4. Nah, you don't wanna get OLD girlfriend! Start counting backwards on the birthdays NOW!

  5. It took me a long time to get on the technology bandwagon too......but now i do have a cell phone that i use and carry all the time and we got rid of our landline. We are wireless on the computer and for xmas this past year daughter bought us wireless keyboard and mouse......HEAVEN....who would have thought??? My family usually has to pull me kicking and screaming into new technololgy but i'm usually happy once i get there.....Happy early BDay! Your only as old as you feel.....blah blah blah yeah we've all heard that but i'm beginning to think its true. Love the masks! Not really my color but love the style. Hugs! deb

  6. Love my laptop and my wireless and HATE phones - have always wondered why. After giving it about 30 seconds thought, I figured out that I like to talk to people on my time and I usually have a project going that I hate to interrupt. Also, email gives me a chance to think of a good excuse if I don't want to go somewhere or do something that I don't want to do. (hee hee) I just had a birthday too - no retirement for me - not with this mortgage! Love, Linda

  7. I do have the laptop and I understand abut a quarter of what I do but I can barely use a basic cell phone and don't really like phones. Frankly most of the time I don't like to be found! I am odd, But I would love to go out for a cuppy cake with you. Yucky respiratory infection but got some good news and I am to tired to write more so check the blog.
    Hugs and a bus. Always happy to come here. Know I will giggle and maybe guffaw!

  8. Such festive masks!! I love how bright and cheery they are! :D And Marla looks fabulous in her witchy hat :)


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