Friday, September 30, 2011

A bad, embarrassing, fall, and a Smile!

After I posted on Wednesday nite about fundraising for Breast Cancer and Lyphoma?  I took my dogs on a short walk and Fell. Hard. I skinned my knee, had gravel embedded in one palm and took a good "brunt" of it on my other hand. I Think I tripped over grass growing between the cement,,,,when I looked back and examined the "scene" the next day.......Two days later, yes, I'm a bit less sore,,,,,but still have a "lovely" prize on my right (my Good) Knee!

Anyway,,,,,,,,I took a road trip today and picked up some supplies,,,,,,,I spent the majority of my day in Redmond/Bellvue and the likes. Shew! I'm glad that I spend MOST of my time in a small town now........I hated the traffic!

So,,,,,,,,,I Have to share a stinkin Cute photo.....from my friend/client Emily of "Simply Sweet Cupcakes." They now have TWO shops here in Snohomish, but Emily has also been doin' the "Snohomish Farmer's Market" Gig Every Thursday........All Summer and into Fall, which ended last Evening........Check out these "Customers!"

I share my "wares" aka Birthday Hats that I recently made for "Simply Sweet." But this is a Photo opp I had to Share!  "Where's my Cookie, Mom?"

Hope YOU have a good weekend ahead! Drop me a note or comment,,,,,,I'm starting to feel like maybe I shouldn't have/post a blog anymore.........The only comment's I get are on Facebook! I love you All,,,,,and have caught up a BIT........But should I keep blogging? I wonder...........

Hugs, Love and a Happy Bus nonetheless,


  1. So sorry you were hurt, Shell. I've taken a few bad falls over the past few years and IT HURTS!
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Love the Goldens. They're such sweet dogs.
    Happy Weekend.

  2. Don't you dare stop blogging. Your blog is part of my morning teabreak, and my routine would be totally disrupted if it wasn;t there. I'm so sorry about your fall, and hope the healing will be speedy. I apologise for not commenting more often, I had the silly idea that you could read my thoughts in the ether of 'blogland' lol Blessings from the UK

  3. Hope your feeling better. You know your right. I have found myself just scrolling through blogs and not leaving comments. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate your comment to. Yes one of these days we will have to get together. Between getting ready for shows, running Bunnies, grandson, kids and my dude....I need more time.

  4. Just found your blog recently and subscribed to it also. (Blogger won't let me follow any more for some reason I can't figure out.) Anyhooo...
    Your craftiness is such a treat for the eyes. I love to check in and see what you've made.
    Sorry to hear about your fall. I fell over a rug in my house last week. Landed on my left hand with a glass jar in my hand. No injuries just a few bruises.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. OK so it sounds like you had a "cindy" moment! Girl I have busted by backside in so many ways and places I should be in a body cast. My mother just shakes her head and says, "I DID give you ballet classes" I guess the coordination just never took!! I hope you're feeling better by now! Hang in there! xoxo,cindy the spaz

  6. Look at you....I leave to go home for my Happy Cake Day and you get injured!!! Ackkkkkkkkkk!

    I am still in NC and will be coming home later this week. We are having a ball!!!

    I hope you feel better soon sweetie.

    I love and miss you!



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