Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thank you Mark!,,,,My Editing is BACK! Some pictures,,,,product and Friends!

Yes! My editing program is back up and working! Thank you Mark! It's nice to have a son with Computer geek friends.......So some of these images are from today,,,,and a couple from the last week or so that I HAD to share!

Here's one of my projects from today........A Harlequin Crown......By the way, I'll share IF you want some of this paper,,,it's from Midori,,,,,,a Seattle Based Ribbon and Paper Company.....

Harlequin "Dream" Crown I made today,,,,,,,using the Midori Paper........

I had fun using some German Dresden (Gold embellishments)  and some chunkyVintage Glitter my co-worker Rita Gave me....Not sure if this one will end up at Joyworks,,,,or the "Ruffles and Rust" Event in October........

Here is another crown I made, the first of last week, using Vintage wallpaper that I saw a Joyworks customer carrying around the store......She'd bought it at one of our local shops, "Faded Elegance," and when I mentioned how MUCH I loved it,,,,,and what I make with Wallpapers,,,,she Gave me a good chunk!She said I could HAVE it, but I slipped her some Cash.............Cremes, Aquas,  Warm Pinks and Florals are you kidding me? I love these colors!  I managed to "squeeze out a BIT more for Birthday hats, and I just MAY have enough for a Crown for the R&R Event in October............

And,,,,,,Oh, how I tried to post decent Pictures of my FUN fun day with Debi Burton of Ormolulu
http://ormolulu.blogspot.com/  After having camera loading AND editing problems I wanted to show you a couple of lovely images of my Friends........

Here's Debi in our Mutual friend Todd's Garden behind his Store.... "A Bountiful Home."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again,,,,,,,She is a Beautfiul Lady,,,,,,,and I have a Love/hate relationship with her,,,,because, she take the most GORGEOUS Pictures! Had fun spending a Day with you Debi!

Here's our friend Todd,,,,walking us out and posing in front of his "Shingle".....
Okay, he is the most Gorgeous and Sweetest EVER! If you ever get the chance, stop by his ecclectic Store in Edmonds, WA,,,,,full of Gift/Kitchen/Vintage and Antique pieces and a whole NEW Garden area in back!
I met Todd for the first time last year at the Ruffle's and Rust Event at the Fair grounds....He helped me out with a couple of bigger pieces for my booth,,,,and THEN? I saw his booth.....Almost as gorgeous as he is!
I'm so glad I've gotten to know him better this past year!

In closing, I'm sharing ONE last photo,,,,,(I  tried to posted  the day that my camera editing program went awry)......But I simply LOVE this handmade Doll from the 30's! Not sure if I'm going to end up keeping her, or if she'll be for sale at Ruffles and Rust in October...

Enjoy the rest of your week! I'm going to TRY and play Catch-up in the next couple of days! Don't forget to check out my post above if you'd like a pattern for a harlequin Mask and/or participate in a Blog Event on the 24th!

Hugs, Love and a THANKFUL Bus that my Camera is fully operational again!
(Prayers and well-wishes to all of you STILL dealing with Fires/Floods/Hurricanes and the likes!)


  1. Hi Shell,

    I have not visited you in ages.
    I just wanted to say hello and I was thinking of you!!

    Hugs and Smiles,


    P.s. I may need you to make me a custom badge when my new little Grand daughter arrives in October!! :)

  2. Hi Shell ~

    Thanks for the love/hate . . . you know how I love/hate that!!! Our day together went by way too fast. Thinking happy thoughts for you. Remember to just quietly listen with your heart; it always knows the truth!

    xoxo Debi

  3. you had me at crown! THEN you threw in my favorite pattern - harliquin- in gold. sigh I love this, love you too. Looks like you and Debi could get yourselves into lots of trouble, glad you behaved yourselves! love ya, missed all your creations.


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