Monday, September 12, 2011

Working on New Fall Necklaces .....and Full of Hot Air!

We're moving into my Favorite time of year.......Crisp, clear mornings and gorgeous colors! But where DO the days GO? Hope you all had a good weekend! I got several projects started  today,and a few Finished !Worked on a bit more Halloween, but primarily some Fall Toned or "Autumnal"Necklaces........

"Martha" is a bit too anal for my way of thinking, but I've gotta at least give her credit for "Autumnal." It's a $2 Dollar word, with inflation, and all that...........So, I digress. I made "Autumnal" Necklaces.You can use that word,,,,it really IS free. (Shell, for heaven's sake, stay on task for a change!) SO?


I had two fall toned necklaces commissioned, and thought I'd make a third,,,,,,so they have a choice.

I had fun using different textures AND some awesome Vintage Velvet ribbons that I bought at Farm Chicks a while back in a soft orange and celadon green......How can you NOT love Vintage Velvet ribbons?

Added some Velvet green leaves to this one,,,,,,,It all appears a BIT brighter here than it actually is...

Last one,,,,,again, my color rendition is a bit off......Lovin' the rich Velvets and Satins!

We've had quite a streak of Warm--HOT? weather at least for us,,,,,,but the morning's have been cool and I generally hear the "whooshing" sounds of Hot Air Ballooons about the time I've finished my first cup of coffee. Their flight path generally falls right over my roofline,,,,,,they are LOW and I can see the riders Shadows, if not their faces! I'm sure they're thinking, "Lady, we see you down there your PJ's!"

They move pretty fast, by the time I grabbed my camera, they were over the roof of my little Cottage in back!

(If you look carefully in the lefthand corner, you'll see a Glimpse of my Hop Vines!~ Almost ready for the pickin' and dryin'! They are something this year! I take a better photo before I start cutting them down.)

Happy Monday, I hope your new week started out well, I can't wait to check out what's going on with at least SOME of you! I don't know about all of you, but my NEXT project is to learn how to Juggle....See if you get a Visual on THIS:

Work at a Real Job, Part-time, Maintain Two homes, a "cranky" old detatched garage, which include all  the gardens- HA!, and repairs on "historical homes" aka older than dirt and always needing something, do ALL your Crafty stuff (orders, requests/billing), prep for 3 or 4 shows a year ( and if you DO them, you KNOW how much work that is!) tend to the needs of FOUR animals-daily, if not sometimes HOURLY, and Oh yeah! Keep up with friends in ALL facets of your life, tend to the needs of a 91 years old (daily and weekly), and Maybe touch base with a family member or two every now and then.

I'm blessed. I'm never lonely. I have local friends and members of the community, and then,,,,,"Oh my Stars!" I have Blog friends both near AND far.....some whom I've met, and some that I just FEEL like I've met, or know.

Yes, I live alone-well, other than the fur babies, and have to do "it all." And yes, as you may have guessed by the last paragraph, at times it gets overwhelming. Like right now. I feel like I'm over my head. But this too shall pass!I'm sure we ALL feel like this at times!

Hugs and Love,,,,,,,,and a "Harvesting" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. My dear friend....I wish I could be there to help you get caught up! It's never ending though isn't it? Tomorrow I will begin work on the jewels to send to you! I have to work like a maniac over the next week since I am going home for my Happy Cake Day to see my family!! I will call you tomorrow morning!


  2. you ARE one busy gal.
    I have told my husband that before we ever sell the house (haha it is taking FOREVER) we HAVE to go over to Snohomish and visit the cute town and shelly. "oh yea and we can visit your sister Janice in Arlington too. hahaha"

  3. Hi Shell - your necklace creations are out of this world!I love the amazing use of textures and colors - you have really made some beautiful choices here! You are one crafting lady - do you ever sleep?



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