Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gorgeous Photos from my Friend Elise!

Tonight?  I logged on after a Busy week at Joyworks and my friend/ photographer Elise had Shared these two images with me, via Facebook. She bought a couple of my Fairy Ring Crowns and "Magic Wands" a while back to use in her photo shoots,,,,,,and I have to share the images! Too Sweet,,,,,and too, too dear!

Click on the link above,  if you're interested in your own Photo sessions! She's awesome....also doing a lot of gorgeous Fashion Shots for us at Joyworks too. Love her! Love her work!

(I'll have a couple of new Fairy Crowns at Ruffles and Rust next month......For kids AND Mom's)

I used to sew Everything..... My clothes- other peoples clothes, Costumes for High School plays. This last year, I've been creating/altering some "corsets" and I think it would be fun to make some other pieces.  gauze "Lawn" blouses," embellished vests, corsets, skirts and the likes. I'm too busy doing other things right now, but I think this MAY be a fun avenue to explore in the months ahead!

Remember the old question-"What do you want to BE when you grow up?"  Frankly, I've decided that is a question that I'll never fully have an answer to. I LOVE to do SO many things! I love to make and think about making SO many things! I love to READ and learn and Grow..... And, again, Frankly? I don't think I ever want to grow up........just evolve, learn, create and always, Always embrace the Changes!

I hope you TOO are growing, changing, learning, challenging and MOST importantly, being TRUE to yourselves! What EVER that entails! And, I hope you are kind, open and receptive.

My day's are TOO, too full. But I'm blessed to be loving what I'm doing, and to be surrounded by SO many talented, loving people! I know I'm not keeping up! I So wish I had time to be everywhere and Do and BE everything.....I feel so Blessed to have So many wonderful people in my life....near AND far! Even if I can't stay in touch,,,,,you are in my heart, on my mind and I SO wish you the BEST!

Hugs, love and a Blessed, Thankful and Busy "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. you ARE ONE TALENTED LADY. full of fun and ideas. love ya

  2. Oh my goodness Shell- I simple love the fairy crowns. When my grand baby is just a bit older- I will most definitely order one- they are beautiful. Your photographer friend does beautiful work- these photos are precious.

    Happy Crafting Shell- I know you never waste a minute. Good luck with the craft show!!


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