Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Spring! (Crafting, Easter Parade and the Pending PINK Hair!)

Hints of Spring and Warmer Days ahead! (Latest Bird Cage)

Wowza! What a pleasant surprise today! I ran around working on my Chamber of Commerce Annual  Activity....(Snohomish's Annual Easter Parade and Bonnet Contest) and it was actually DRY........and it's sunny right now! (Quick, mark it on your Calendar! Not the Parade,,,,,,although you Could because it's April 23rd,,,but I'm talkin' about a Sunny afternoon!)

Son Andrew stopped by today-he's on Spring Break from Western University and Sean started a new Job today! The boys are good,,,,,,Mom is good!  Ughhh, Sean will be 30 on Sunday,,,,,is that even possible???
I don't FEEL old enough to have a 30 year old, well, at least MOST days anyway!

We'll be headed to a Benefit for Bella's Educational Fund at Collector's Choice for Dinner on Sunday. John is Donating half the price of Dinner towards her educational fund. Nice! A worthy cause and a great place to have a Birthday dinner.

This time of year, hitting up the locals for prizes and donations for the Parade is both tiring and rewarding. As the Economy is still suffering, I'm always SO delighted and appreciative of the "Mom and Pop" businesses that donate. It warms my heart that even during hard times they make sure our local kids and families have a nice time! The prizes may be smaller, but I think they're even MORE meaningful because they DO come from merchants that take an interest in their little community!

Happy Spring,,,,,and I hope you have a great week! Well, and then again, I MAY stop by and post my "new DO" tomorrow.......I'm "going PINK!" Ackkk,,,,I'm having my Hair stylist Erica give me some PINK in my hair tomorrow!  And then I'm probably going to see my OTHER hair stylist friend , Tim, and get some pink "Hair Bling" again.....those weavy tinsely thingy's. I had silver ones once before,,,,and loved them!
Well, other than when people assumed they WERE tinsel tangled in my hair and attempted to or offered to pull them OUT! Ackk! Maybe I'm taking the fashion risk because I'm SOON to be the mother of a 30 Year old! Shoot, at the same age? My mother took to wearing Wigs,,,,which was kind of fashionable back in the late 60's/early 70's. She'd leave for work, either for the County Courthouse or her Job in Real Estate,,,,,,and I never KNEW what her "Do" was going to be on any given day,,,,,let alone what COLOR!   Mom always the Trendsetter!

As Sean generally would say, "Freak what you feel." Well, right up until I told him his mother was getting PINK in her "Hair Did." (Hairdo). And THEN he said,,,,,"When I was growing up you never let ME Dye MY hair!" Yeah, well, we're BOTH grown ups now....and if you want pink hair too,,,,go for it!

Hugs, Love and a "Blossoming Springtime Bus,"


  1. Hi Shell - You are the busiest Bee that I know! You have so much going on - and you are involved in the most wonderful projects. I hope that the dinner for sweet Bella is a huge success. What a great project~~ Your community is so fortunate to have you!

    Love your latest birdcage - it is beautiful!


  2. ps - LOVE the pink hair story!!



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