Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Insight on Blogging/Awards, etc.

I recently encountered Paula of Tattered Gold, http://tatteredgold.blogspot.com/ and I truly fell in love with her gorgeous blog, her writing style and her interests! She lives somewhere (?) East of the Mountains here in Washington. Now let me just share,,,,,those Cascade moutains are a BIG dividing line. They get SUN AND COLD,,,,the biggest cities "East" of the Mountains are Yakima and Spokane. It TRULY is a different world! I know firsthand, as my Grandparents settled there after leaving Germany and I spent many childhood vacations on "the other side of the mountains."

That said, Paula gave me a blog Award. I'm posting her header here, as I'm not sure if there was a button for the award, but that isn't important to me anyway. I don't need or want blog awards, but the sentiment was lovely and I truly appreciate the acknowledgement!

Paula listed me as one of her top 10 favorite Blogs and listed 10 things that made her happy. And 5 things that no one knows about her. Trust me, she is very interesting and her blog is gorgeous, so stop by and see what she's posted! And her links.

I WILL list-10 things that make me happy/5things no one knows about me and some of my favorite blogs and IF those blogger friends read this post and decide to participate, GREAT! But I cannot narrow my favorite blogs down to 10 and some of these women are SO busy I know they just don't have the TIME to reply! To me, just acknowledging them as "favs" makes them happy! And, for all those that READ the list (s) perhaps get to find some other new fun blogs!

So, here are 10 things that make ME Happy,,,,,although I have a bazillion more as an optimistic/glass is half full kind of a gal!

Lets start the day and go from there!
1) Coffee- Coffee makes me happy! I like fresh ground coffee in ANY form. Give me a latte' a shot, a drip with lowfat milk and I am a happy Gal! And I swear I'd chew the grounds if the scenario didn't offer another choice!

) My furry "roommates" Getting all the animals fed, no easy feat around here as I negotiate between brewing said coffee and performing minor acrobatics while trying to appease all 4!

3) This "Old House"-not the series, but this cute little Bungalow I'm blessed to live in and the Community I'm surrounded by. Great coworkers, neighbors, events, small shops.
4) My Craft Studio, still NOT where I want it to be, but a refuge of "opportunity."
5) Music. All types (except for Rap CR**) I enjoy and listen to most everything else.
6) Books,,,,,,I'm an avid reader: Read almost anything I find in my hand. I have a brief list on my "Sidebar" Shelf if you are interested. Currently reading some of the Harvard Classics.
7) Gardening. Which I finally had an opportunity to do for a while today, given a break in the Wind and Rain! Thanks Dear Lulu for the new boots!
8) Writing. My love And my nemisis. I want to do more, but get intimidated.
9) Good Chocolate and Good Pastries. I'm talkin the dark European chocolate or fresh pastries from European Artisans,,,,or I'd rather do without!
10) Last, but certainly not the least-creating art. Love doing multi media art/creations. Using paper, vintage ribbons, German Dresden, always using new materials and new techniques to create something unique! 

Oh, and Maybe MOST important! A Sense of HUMOR! Ackk, Life is Waaaaaaaaay too short not to have one!


1) I rival Elizabeth Taylor for the Most Last Names: I was adopted by my step dad, my BIO dad was  also adopted-which gives me 3 from the "get go." I was married/divorced young/ 13 years in between as a single mother) remarried/widowed in 3 months/ single for YEARS and then married/divorced or bordeline annulment within a year. So I've had 7 last names!
2) As for the adoption part-I eventually "found 2 sisters" I didn't know I had a couple of years ago-One living in Ireland and one living in Germany. (They are full sisters and we all share the same BIO dad).
3) If I could live in ANY place other than NW Washington, I'd choose to live in Strassbourg, France.
Most people think "Salzburg" which is actually in Switzerland. Strassbourg was the "UN" in Europe for years. I just felt "at home" there.
4)I feel really blessed, because I was raised to believe "I could DO anything!"Which in someways was very "freeing"-I mean I went fishing/camping/learned how to shoot a gun, built forts, caught frogs, all the while playing with Barbies, creating and staging plays, sewing clothing, writting bi-laws,,I never felt limited in what I could DO or achieve as a GIRL!
5) If I could plan the future, I'd just love to be living in a little cottage on the beach, listening to the waves crashing and watching my dogs running and "laughing" at the edge of the waves. A new partner? Maybe, but mostly just see me and the "critters."

Now, according to Paula's post/wishes I'm supposed to name 10 blogs as favorites. I simply cannot DO this! I can list some and you can find on my sidebar, but I like different blogs for different THINGS! And I've come to know and love so many here in "Blogland."And, again, I won't ask any of them to respond, if they didn't have time or want to, although I'd love it if any of them choose to!

I DO think this is a fun venue to get to know our fellow bloggers better, If they are so inclined!  And I didn't post for several days because of time restraints/projects. So, my feeling is, IF you want to, take your time! We'd all STILL be eager to read about it. I won't sent you an award either! Just would enjoy your stories! That said:

Here is  a BRIEF list of  some of my TOP blog friends,but again I couldn't choose just 10,,,and if you want links, simply go to MY sidebar, they are ALL are- beyond this list below, and they are ALL terrific in my mind! Click on their blogs and I hope you enjoy!  They are certainly worth getting to know and exploring or I wouldn't have them there!
Again, see MY sidebar for their links/posts:
Lulu-Coastal Sisters-My bestest Blogging friend
Joyworks-Jana's Blogs  where I work
Maggie-Just Between Us
Garden Party-My Friend Deb's Blog
Graphic Fairy-Karen's great Graphics]
My Desert Cottage-Karen who did my blog
Annies on First-My friend and Shop Owner
2 Bags Full-My blog friend Vicki
Fiona and Fig-Annes Wonderful Blog
Lyneen-I Dream of Castles
Frenchy-Les Chateaux Des Fleur

As stated, there are too many different friends AND BLOGS, attributes to mention!

I don't need an award, but thank you Paula for your kind thoughts. I enjoy sharing bloggers that I love. Although as stated, this is a VERY BRIEF list and ALL the blogs I love are listed in my sidebar for others to check out!

Hugs to all,


  1. well Shell we have everything in common except the writing. I have writers block all the time. great thoughts in my head and hard to get it on paper, as for the rest of you 10 items I am a soul sister. hugs JoAnn S

  2. Shell - How wonderful to learn so much about you! The whole multiple last name thing made me laugh out loud. Life is certainly strange sometimes! Love that you love so many of the things I do - reading, gardening, chocolate, music!

    If I COULD LIVE anywhere - it would be by the sea. I would be so happy to just stay in our little beach front condo for months at a time. (Too bad I have to work for a living. The fact that my husband is retired - does kind of irk me!!)

    And then - you picked 10 blogs out of this whole blogging world - and one of them was ME! GOSH - I am blushing! (How can that be!!!)

    Thanks Shell for being a dear friend, for loving what I do - and now I know it is what you love also!

    I don't know where Snohomish is - but I just might find out and come for a visit!


  3. Hi Shelly,
    You know, the whole award nuances can be a bit daunting at times, however, what I do love about them is that is gets one out there to visit other bloggers. I have met so many other wonderful people and blogs by way of perusing the favorite blog lists.

    I love your lists ... all of them! I so enjoy getting to know you better! I will share with you, that I live in the outskirts of the tiny, Endicott! A population of 350 souls. Indeed, it is an entirely different scenery over here ... I do miss the ever flowing trees and greenery. But the rolling hills of the Palouse have a beauty of their own.

    In case you feel inclined to post the actual award on your blog, the image for said award is just under the title of that days post. Ms. Bright Side Award. Just click and save!

    Have a fabulous weekend, my dear!

  4. Yippeee! Another Pacific Northwesterner... I LOVE Snohomish...don't get up that way too often, but it's such a great place...

    Good fun coming up....Second Saturday at Sand Point this weekend. DELISH!

    Warm blessings,

  5. Hi Shell, Loved this post and reading more about you! :)


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