Monday, November 1, 2010

A Bazillion and ONE Gremlins and Gifts! (Thanks Jody!)

Busy, Busy couple of Days!

Saturday nite, my youngest, Andrew stopped over for a Quick Dinner and Carving.......I left the last two pumpkins to HIS Creative hands,,,,,trust me, I may be a crafter, but I can't draw a stick figure, let alone, carve a decent pumkin..........

Sunday, at Joyworks, we got about 700 little Ghouls and Goblins- Clarice, Penny and I took turns passing out candy in front of the store! The weather was awesome, and because it WAS so nice I had a Bazillion more up here in the Historic District about an hour later! I'm tellin' you, UNREAL! Next year, I think I'll use my candy money and take a trip to Dubai or somewhere......Geesh! I am SO not going to take out a bank loan to buy CANDY! (Fortunately I hoarded about 6 mini Almond Joy, so I got a Share of the LOOT!)

And Today? I got a WONDERFUL package of goodies from my blog friend,,,,whom I've yet to meet, even though we only live about 20 minutes apart. Jody, from sent me the most WONDERFUL little package of Gorgeous Goodies she made!

Look at all this Black and Cremey Goodness! I love the card she made me........Whats inside this darling crepe paper pouch, you may ask??????

Absolutely Gorgeous Earrings made of Crystals and Pearls and Silver! They couldn't be more perfect! And look at the cute Vintage tag they were mounted on! Love it! "But wait! There's more"................

Darling, unique, coordinating necklace with a Vial of Glitter at the bottom that says, "Delight." Well, for a gal generally covered IN glitter,,,,,,this is TRULY Delight'ful." I SO love it and the darling tag she put it on! Ackkkk! So fun, because I think She's really captured what I love,,,,what Great Gifts!!!

Here's a pic of the whole "kit and kaboodle" she sent me, I love it all! I with I could have met her at the Ruffles and Rust Event.........out of thousands of women I kept waiting and thinking,,,,,,"Where is my blog friend, Jody?????"  But, her son was ill, so she couldn't come!

(Overview of her Cute Tags, packaging and Goodies)......Thanks so much, again,  Jody! We'll have to plan a get together after Silver Bella! (Where I'll be wearing your fab creations)  And, again, I cannot tell you how much I love it all!

If you don't yet know Jody, or her blog, stop on over and say "hi." She's a dear! And her jewelry is, well as you can tell, gorgeous!!

One last "Gift," if you wil,l before I sign out, because they were too funny......for my "Fur Babies" today. A new TOY! "Oh thank you, oh thank you, oh thank you Mom, now let us HAVE IT!"

I saw this Silly Possum, at the Grocery store, and Knew the Dogs would Just love it! It has TWO squeekies, one in the body and one in the tail! Score!!!

 Too, too fun!

Shadow, my female Black Lab and some 40 pounds smaller than the "Code Man",,,,,aka Kodi is the "Alpha"....She steals EVERY toy, Every Time!!

"Mom, She took it Again!"
"Look, Look, I'VE got it!!!

And,,,,,,at last, the Alpha, Piggy, Shadow gets it!

And, of course, Two minutes later,,,,,,I have to take the toy away,,,to sew it back up! Squeekie's are like "Crack",,,,,,,,,,,the hounds are driven!

It was a great day,,,, and a GREAT weekend!

Hugs and love to all!

Thanks again Jody, I love it ALL!

Stay tuned,,,,tomorrow? My Wonderful Sister in Law gets her First Computer.......Internet!!!


  1. Beautiful pups! and those gifts...very nice!!
    Have a great day!
    Tammy :-)

  2. such beautiful gifts... you really are a go-er aren't you. What a fun weekend!~ even if you do work, at least your work is with such fun people in a fun and beautiful place! good luck! with your creations!

  3. Wow, what a busy Trick-Or-Treat you had. We had 0 kids here. We're sort of out of the way and the neighbor kids are too old now. Your puppies are adorable. Looks like they loved the squeekie toy. A little too much maybe.

  4. Shell- Your son is a real "hunk" - dont tell him I said this! Looks like you scored some wonderful goodies from your friend - such fun! You have adorable puppy dogs - they have such sweet faces!



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