Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not "Egg"actly the Day I had planned!

So,,I've got Good News, and I've got bad news. Whaddya want to hear first??? Okay, so the Good News? I went grocery shopping this afternoon..(I felt and looked like "doggie-do"-that's part of the bad news,,,,but anyway.....) Wednesday is "Senior Discount Day"--I know you are thinking "Shell, you're MUCH too young for the Senior Discount"-and yet, alas they give it if you are 55 or over. Tis moi-just a smidgeon over 55.  But I didn't get my 7% Discount-because the Checker thought I was TOO YOUNG!!!

(Frankly, I don't know whether I really went to the Customer Service Counter afterward for my $3 somethin' dollar discount, OR to tell the Gal behind the counter that I didn't look old enough for the discount! I'm just sayin.')

Which brings me to the BAD news-well not THAT BAD, but .....Day Two of Stiff Neck from "HE-double hockey sticks"! I'm still hurting and between my NECK and the Snow,,which for the most part was nothing, BUT enough to prevent me from trying to take the elderly "little Helen" out and about.

So? I worked on some eggs, again,,,,

9" inch Yellow and White Crepe Egg, ,,,
Handmade "Daffs/ Vintage trims and Millenery

Hope your week is going well and that you are SAFE and WARM! Special thoughts and Prayers to those in the Midwest, with all the weather issues there!

Hugs, Love and a "Chickie" Bus on the Cheek! 


  1. Feel better girl! And I mean it! Oh...went to eat with my senior discount aged aunt and uncle. Got to check out and asked how old had to be for discount. She said, "We gave it to you." Yikes!!

  2. Oh to be to young for the discount really is a good thing!
    Sorry your hurting sweetie! Do take care.
    Darling Easter egg!
    hugs Lynn


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