Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"How do you like YOUR Eggs?"

I woke up in the middle of the night with one of "those" pains in the neck! Managed to function today in spite of it,,,,owww! I was relatively fine till I tried to take a quick car ride,,,,,again "owww! I get this every once in a while but have been blessed to not have "it" for a while! Tomorrow is the "make it or break it day" ,,,,if I'm not better, I'll head to the massage therapist! Ackk! Hope you've had a good day, I DID manage to work on a bit more Easter..........

Pale Blue  Large Crepe Egg.....

This egg, is about 9" long. It's an old Plastic/Poly "Yard Egg" Covered in Crepe from Joyworks,,,,embellished with Vintage laces and French fabric Flowers, with just a "blush" of peach.....
I'm working on a few other versions, which I'll share soon!

Somehow? Last nite I managed to "Post" without trying to! Apparently,  I was in "Blogland," when my doggie walking buddy Kelly stopped by-my doggies were SO excited and dancing around and it appears that I- inadvertently,,,while looking at a post from my Blog friend Joanne,,,,,,,pushed the "send" or "post" button!
HA! Maybe it was my "Golden" fur baby that send out a post,,,,,,I wouldn't put much past the "Code" Man! I'll delete the weird post,,,,but just wanted to give a "heads up!"

Have a great week, "WE" in Western Washington may be getting a bit of Snow in the next "24" or so,,,,,,,Hope not! Tomorrow is my "Helen" day! Can't very well take a 92yo out and about in the snow and ice!

Hugs and love,,,,,,and a warm Bus on the Cheek!


  1. Hope no snow for you as well. You have a "Code Man"? That's funny

  2. I think you should let the pups do a blog guest post! Tee hee!

    Love the egg!!


  3. Interesting story and what a idea came in your mind, it is fabulous.

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