Sunday, February 19, 2012

NOT! "By the Hair of my 'Chinny, Chin, Chin" and a Very Serious Note.....

Moi @ Whimsical Whites, Valentine's Day

Okay,,,,,,,So First, Really? My Chin? Or should I say "Chin's?"  The Pointy one I got from my Oma, on the Dutch side,,,,The double one underneath? Well, that's pretty much my OWN spin on things,,,,okay, maybe my mom's influence, a bit too. And don't even get me started on Chin hairs! (Hey, girlfriend,  you KNOW you've got 'em if you're <ahem> of a certain age!)

And Where, pray tell, did that expression come from? "By the Hair of my 'Chinny Chin, Chin'"? As far as I can recall, it had something to do with the "Three Little Pigs." Correct me if I'm wrong. Please.

But this evening was more about a road HOG than a Pig,,,,,,,,Texting and driving and Shell nearly lost the pointed, double and at time's whisker laden Chin all in one fell swoop!

Clarice, Penny and I locked up Joyworks after work this evening and after a brief Convo after closing, we headed to our cars,,,,,,,Theirs- on the "Northside" of Joyworks and Second Street, me, across the street on the Southside.

It was Still light out.
The speed limit in Historic downtown is 20 or 25mph.
I was halfway through the crosswalk when a car turned left on to 2nd and started heading towards me-in the Middle of the flippen crosswalk.
Thank God- for that "little voice"."She is not going to stop.....She is not going to stop."
 That "Voice" just told me."
I literally pushed myself off the hood of her car and ran back towards Joyworks.

A couple on the corner, headed into a restaurant, saw the whole thing......She was Texting!
She wasn't even looking at the road!

Well, after the adrenalin had somewhat subsided and I had said some not so pretty things,  I headed to the grocery store before going home. I saw a long time friend in the Produce Section and she was talking on her Cell,,,,,making gestures at me and big circles with her arm, basically indicating,,,,," Yadda, yadda, yadda." We never shared a word. Then, I saw a mother and son that had walked in just before me and the son was texting away and she was off and running,,,,,,and I "interrupted" him to mention to "mom" that the car's lights were on.

I think I'm getting old! Well, not so old that I cannot still jump away from a moving vehicle. But "old" in the sense where- I still like to see people interact face to face and in the moment. Old enough to yell and shake my fist and yes, even cuss, when someone darn near runs me down in a crosswalk in broad daylight. Old enough to tell my sons and their dates/companions/friends that I will NOT present them with a meal-either homemade or while dining out- unless they shut off their mobile devices.

Well, as you now know, "My Chinny, Chin, Chin" is just fine. Both of them,,,,,hairs and all. I'll get to attend my son Andrew's College graduation from WWU in a couple of weeks, thank you very much!

But Please,,,,not only because I had a close call, but because your kids could too,,,on either end of the scenario, DON'T TEXT and DRIVE!  And quite frankly? Because many of the friends I KNOW and love talk on their cell phones too while driving......STOP! I love you ALL TOO Much to lose you,,,,,,,

read on.........

But after today's experience, I'm going to share a life changer for me, briefly- again.

My husband Karl died in 1994 on the way (driving) home from and aerial photography shoot. He was both a Pilot and a photographer...he'd just gotten through with the flying AND a photo shoot.

Karl died  as the result of a  CAR accident on the way home. He had called me on the way home on his cell phone.....saying he was running late, and frankly I/we never learned if he was ON the cell phone with me when the accident occurred. The records were not as specific then as they are now.

Cell calls? Texts? Do NOT mix with driving. IT CAN WAIT!

Okay I'm off my Soapbox,,,,but Please think about it! Don't let Electronic devices run/ruin YOUR lives, or your kids.

Hugs, Love to you all,,,,,,,,and put the G-Darn Phones away! " Live in the moment" Bus on the Cheek- "Chins" and all!


  1. I will have you know I have NO CHIN HAIRS! I do however find the occasional very stray eyebrow hair... LOL

    People who text and drive should lose both priveleges. Yep, that's right PRIVELEGES. If you are going to abuse them you should lose them. I am so glad you are okay- Somebody was watching over ya!

  2. I'm so glad your okay!!!Whew! The attachment people (adults and children) have to their electronic devices has got to stop. I mean really. People start their children out on these devices way to young in my opinion. I'm sure they use it as a baby sitter, kind of like a mobile television. But really you know its okay if your child is bored once in a while , it fosters imagination......for example my daughter didn't have a cell phone until she could afford to pay for one and don't get started on people on cell phones in public places.....restaurants etc.....geesh....

  3. Glad you are OK!!! As a trauma nurse, I see this stuff all the time. Used to be drunks driving - now more people crash while texting/talking. You need to drive/walk defensively at all times - and if you happen to be on a motorcycle, good luck! PS Saw you in Romantic Homes!!!

  4. Shell- I am SO glad you were not hurt- this could have been so much more serious. Your words ring so true- texting and driving can be a deadly mix--

    I just bought the latest issue of Romantic Country- your presence there was portrayed beautifully! I'm so happy for your successes. It's about time girlfriend. I hope you get so busy you don't have time to sleep!!

    Love you- and glad you are safe.
    And by the way- you look beautiful in that picture--



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