Sunday, February 12, 2012

"222!" Otherwise known as "the Second Saturdayz" of the Second Month-Too fun!

Just got home from working at Joyworks and thought I'd finish the post I started LAST nite! After getting home from the Second Saturdayz show, had a Dog walk with my friend Kelly,,,ate dinner and promptly fell asleep before the Final Answer on Jeopardy! Thought I'd share a FEW Photos and Friends....( I thought I took more pics,,,hmmmmm.)

We had a FUN show, Everyone's booths looks great! But I wished we'd been a BIT busier. The month? The Garden Show? But the customer's we had seemed to be having a great time and finding some awesome goodies!

Anyway, in no particular order here are a FEW and I mean FEW of my favorite Vendors and a glimpse at their Booths! ( I took more photos on Friday when we set up,,,,hmmm, not sure WHERE they went!)I'm starting out with and image from one of my recent Fav's,,,,,,the gal's at Whimsical Whites.....
Gorgeous Fresh flower Bouquets,,,,,,,,,,,amidst their Vintage Goodness!
Also available in their Store, Whimsical Whites in Kent!
(My friend Deb Bock and I are headed their way on Tuesday. Can't wait to see their Store!)

My friend Tamara Montoya's first 2nd Saturdayz event in Seattle,,,,,,although she's an Old Pro.......Well not Old, she's much younger than me,,,but she's been doing Shows for a while ....She put the "A" in Amazing,,,,,,she does all THIS and has a family large enough for their own Football, Baseball, okay, at least Basketball team!,,,,,In other words, a Ton of kids! Look for Tamara at Farm Chicks in Spokane this June, and other NW shows this year! (Don't you LOVE that Card Index Box?) She also has a great space at "M&M Antiques" in Monroe, Washington.

Another of my "Fav" new people! Elizabeth from "Fussbuckets" Fame!
She makes the most amazing jewelry and little soldered "sweeties" with mini vignettes inside!
Check out her Stuff,,,you will simple LOVE IT!

A quick glimpse of some her work,,,,,,See the "Shell" necklace with the pearl?  I have one similar that I bought from her last Summer.......Love it!

Linda Morrison, One of the Show's Promoter's and our Hostess, put together this "Parasol" of Honeycomb and Whimsey,,,,,,,I Loved it! Linda always seems to have a "surprise" up her sleeve, and she really made us all feel welcome and helped the event run smoothly!

I have to say, that I missed my "Deb" girl though! She was noticeably absent this Event, taking,,,,,,a "Junking Hiatis." Deservedly so, she has been SO busy as of late. But I Did have to call her and tell her I missed hearing her distinctive laughter resonating through the building!

Dyan,,,,,,one of my "Drug Dealer's of Choice" -The said "Drugs"- being Lucious Ribbons/trimms, laces and the likes- was absent from her booth when I took these two photos.....Do you LOVE that Velvet and Ribbon Cake? Gorgeous!

And this whimsical little wire "Dress form."
Dyan is at MOST second Saturdayz shows and "does' Farm Chicks every year, where I always "score" a Big Hit shortly after I walk through the shows doors!

Here's my "Booth mate", Anne Dunn of "Chickie Poo."
She and I shared a Half booth space at this event. If you look closely at the photo, you'll see just a "hint" of my dress form behind her. So, she faced one aisle, while I faced another.

When Anne was setting up her booth,,,,,,,I noticed the Colorway........Pinks? Check! Aquas? Check and lots of creamy vintage goodness! Whimsey,,,,yep. I think I have a "girl crush!"

Her jewelry is darling and we're thinking about doing a Show or two, together. I think it might be a great combo.

I already posted this pic on Friday,,,,,,,,,again, I DID take more, but somehow my camera didn't upload them........
Part of my booth.............
One more image.........

Again, we had a Fun event, always great to see "Regulars" and meet new friends/customers! I can't commit to this Venue on a Monthly basis because of my schedule at Joyworks, but I plan on participating often in the year ahead! I love the Vendors, the Venue,,,,,,,and there is just "something" untangible about this event, that makes me happy!

I hope you'll check out the few links provided and get to know these Vendors if you're not already familiar with them.  I hope you had a good Weekend too! Now, I'm off to walk the "hounds" and settle into the "Grammies!" Anyone want to give me a Wake up call at 9:00pm Pac Time, if I should ummmm, Doze off?

Hugs, Love and a Warm Fuzzy "Bus"!


  1. Thanks Shell, we love having you at 2sat. Fun is what it is all about, and I am pleased that you get the happy vibe while being with the Junk Tribe. L

  2. Oh my gosh Shell, you go to and participate in the funnest events!!! I can't wait till Farm Chicks. Yee Haw!!!
    Hope you had a great show! Love the pictures.
    hugs Lynn

  3. Loved that I met you this weekend, Shelley! You are a true creative soul. I hope we have more shows together in the future! XOXO


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