Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Glimpse of Spring in Joyworks......

As I've shared before, I work at the cutest store in the whole World! And as I generally take and share pictures of our Celebrations, full of co-workers and festivities, I thought it would be fun to share a few photos of our store right now! Once again, we had a busy day, but between customers I managed to grab a few shots to share,,,,they're not fantastic, but give you a "taste" for what we have on hand........

Our store is kind of broken up in "themes" and Color groupings,,,,,,,,,
Lots of Yummy Neutrals here.
Clothing, Home Decor, Accessories....and recently cut Pussy Willows fit right in!

Another vignette in our "entry" Blushes of Pink and Cremes...........

Heading downstairs to our home decor area,,,,,,,,,,Neutrals and Spring Greens...........

Another Stair landing Shot..........

Do you LOVE this table or WHAT? More Neutral's and Springtime goodness!

A touch of turquoise ,,,,,,,,,,

"Just Beachy",,,,,,,,,,

We have other "sections" too, in our home decor,,,,,,,but this was about 2 minutes of free time today. I'll have to share more, soon.

A portion of one of our Window Displays.........."We're Hoppin'!"

More Easter goodies inside! This is our "Spring Craft" area, complete with new glitters/mica/crepe,,,,,,,including a few of my creations.

So,,,,,there you go! I hope you enjoyed this Joyworks "Mini-tour!" Again,,,,,,,there is SO much of the store that I didn't share,,,,,,,and I gave you a "taste" of of cute new clothes and accessories. But Honestly? We were SO busy and we're SO full of new cute clothes that those photos will have to wait till ummm, we "tidy up" a bit after all the customers this weekend!  I'll share more soon! And, again, I know some of you follow or visit the Joyworks Shop blog, but some of you don't, so I thought it would be fun to share some photos!
But this fabulous store wouldn't be what it IS without the best co-workers, the best Owner/visionary, and the fantastic customers we have....Old and New! So, am I Lucky or WHAT?

Hope you had a GREAT weekend, whatever you did!

Hugs love and a "Bus" on the Cheek filled with JOY!


  1. Beautiful the spring colors. I must get up there to visit.

  2. If I worked there, my entire salary would be gone!

  3. How I wish I was close to your store, but sadly, we are on opposite sides of the country! I am in a green phase right now, so loved all the beautiful spring greens that you have to offer.

  4. This is truly a joyful place and I can see how you feel so lucky to work there. Infinite Inspiration Abounds...

  5. Everything looks fabulous!

    I have missed you!!


  6. So nice to be you !!! You are living my dream , having a store like that!!! I invite you to stop by my world for a visit!!! Blessings Lori

  7. What a GREAT place to work, full of inspiration!
    hugs Lynn


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