Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Busier" than a Rooster in a Hen house,,,,,,,,,Pink and Blue Baskets, etc.!

Well, the "Northern Pacific Winds"" that blew threw Snohomish and the rest of Western Washington, was met with dismay, stiff upper lips" and found us donning not only our Rain coats,,,,,,,but Umbrella's as well,,,,,,,,which WE---Washingtonian's generally leave hangin in the closet, despite our regular downpours.......included in our outing's today.............

And, as we saw our friends to the EAST reap early Spring tidings......glorious days of Sun and Warmth, we, us Pacific Northwestener's, "Girdled our Loins" in anticipation of yes, MORE Rain, More Wind, more Chilly days.

So, I ask you, What's a Gal to do? After working all morning on our annual Easter Parade, with friends and volunteers,,,,,,,,,I made "Baskets!"

Italian Papers, Heavy duty "crepes" and a few vintage flowers and petals........Ready to be filled with Sweets or Treats,,,,,,,,or just part of your Easter Displays..... Available at Joyworks,,,,,or Contact me, if you're interested. I've been thinking I'll get my Etsy page up and Running again soon......I've just been TOO busy to deal with it.

I hope you're enjoying the tail-end of your week. Near and Far! Locally, I have So many friends w/ Changes and Growth,,,,,,I hope to share "Officially" Soon!

Loves,,,,,And BIG HUGS  AND Encouragement,,,,,near and Far! Going through Changes-personal and Business wise---We've talked a BIT! Change IS scarey,,,,,,,,but  I think, GOOD!

"A Bus,,,a Prayer and OH so sweet Dreams of the Future!


  1. Fabulous baskets, my dear!,

  2. Change is scarey! But good all wrapped into one. Sometimes it finds you and sometimes you seek it. Which one is better?? This move to CA is both scarey and good. LOL! Exciting, thrilling.....unnerving,and i have to remind myself sometimes that no matter how things come together what we were really looking for was change and baby we got it. LOL! Hugs! deb


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