Friday, March 30, 2012

You can Love 'em, Raise 'em, teach 'em and sometimes they fail you! Really??,

So? The recent College Grad? My Youngest? Stopped by mid morning. We had a good visit and I took him out for lunch. Afterwards? I decided I'd hit the Grocery Store for "Fur Baby food." AndWhat did I see? Estate Sale Signs! Arrows, the likes......And Where, Prey tell, did they lead me to? Why, right next door to the house my son has moved into!

Where,,,,,,,,I found this fun old rusty Vintage scale, which will be fun on my sitting porch. 

I also found a Vintage lace tablecloth, and a couple pieces of Chalkware fruit. But the Main thing? It ALMOST felt like Spring in spite of all our rain looking through piles of "Junk 'n Stuff!",,,,,,"Friday Finds" revisited! I've missed them!

Wasn't it Crosby Stills and Nash that sang, "Teach your Children Well?" Oh Andrew, where did I go wrong?? (Truly, he's the BEST, I'm sure IF he even thought about it, he'd be thinking, "Mom needs to know about this, like she needs another box of ribbon/paper/wall sconce.")

Have a GREAT weekend! Love your family,,,,,,Whatever! And Boy/Howdy if you find a Sale/Junk find,,,,,I HEAR you sister!

Hugs, Love and and "OH SO looking forward to Spring and Summer "Junkin" BUS on the Cheek!


  1. Too funny. I am actually sitting here trying NOT to go to 1/2 price day, of what looked like a nice Estate sale in the next town over. I need to use up what I already have and sit and sew today.

  2. Hi Shell- I know you're just SO proud of your handsome boy!! He certainly led you down a great path this day-- fun vintage finds! I totally love the vintage scale!
    So glad spring is making its way to you!


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