Thursday, March 22, 2012

THIS was the Perfect Day......."Booking my Room at Farm Chicks!"

For the last Two years,,,,my "Vacation" has basically been going to "FARM Chicks." In Spokane, Washington. The first weekend in June. I've been asked "Are YOU going to "DO" Farm Chicks? (Have a booth/space) And for the 3rd year in a row, I'm sayin' "Nope!" I'm going to play,,,,, socialize, buy, absorb and visit!

It's a Great Venue,,,,,,,,I'm looking forward to it once again, and FINALLY meeting my dear blog friend -Lynn Stevens-who lives in Idaho,,,,,,,,(I've been trying to convince her to come over from Idaho, for a couple of years,,,,,enjoy the Event and meet, finally! )

I've connected with a lot of  great Blog friends, Authors, stylists and the likes during this event, the last couple of years.....But Mostly? It's a fun, insightful, creative, weekend.......Serena's Fantastic event gives those Texan's and New Englander's a "run for their money."

Participating Vendors,,,,,,including some of my hard working,dear friends, help to make this a Fantastic Event!

I'm excited -I've booked my trip and can't wait  to See what This year's Event/extravaganza has in store! Hope to see you there!

Hugs, Love and Excited to Finally book my "trip!"
(Can't wait to meet you Lynn!)

Hugs love and an "Excited"  Bus on the Cheek,

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