Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yesterday's Finds,,,and a Prototype,,,whaddya think?

As I mentioned yesterday (ughh,,,typing is NOT coming easy as I have a cat on my desk, who has her tail "a twitchin' over my keyboard!),,,,,,,But as I STARTED to say......I had a blast yesterday with Debi from Ormolulu!

Before I met up with Debi Conway/Mt Vernon, I stopped in a shop I'd seen advertised in the local paper. "The Vintage Violets." And,,,,she has a blog, which via her business card, doesn't seem to work! But,,,, her shop was darlin'-located about a block and a half from where I "rented" my first HOUSE.

Yeah,,,it was the size of a postage stamp,old, but NOT cute,,,but I had a fireplace and a BIG yard and I was 20 years old at the time!,,,located right in Downtown Marysville,,,,,,right on 3rd. I paid $78.50,,,,,which was ALL inclusive and I got a HUGE discount on my dry cleaning and alterations to boot, which came in handy in my early Nordstrom days!. Okay,,,I had an "IN." We'll leave it at that,,for now!

Anywhoo...........The Vintage Violets  shop was Cute,,,I will certainly be back! I found some AWESOME Chenille pieces at a GREAT price!
I've been crafting some items for the show in October,,,,,,and these will be GREAT to add to the "mix!"
Most of what I'm makingiin Chenille, is Christmas,,,,,which I'll save for a later post,,,,,,,

So? OFF the "shopping/buying" topic," I recently got a piece of Chenille from my friend Mary Larsen......(Thanks Mary!)  And have been "playing" with it.

This is just a tester,,,,,prototype if you will,,,,,But I'd LOVE to hear what you think of this funky little pumkin I made today,,,,,out of the Chenille Mary gave me,,I added some seam binding and some green wire........Whaddya think?

Retro and fun to add to your other "everlasting" pumkin collection? Feedback please!

That aside, I also had a couple of other Fun finds in Marysville, and I might add, I have NEVER gone junking or looking for Antiques there! But there WERE some Fun shops!

Fun Vintage Hat find in Marysville, and a GREAT price! $12

I loved this little Porcelain Doll,,,,,,same price as a Frozen Charlotte,,,,,Only She is intact AND has moveable arms! Too Cute!

The rest of my "Finds," were up "North" in La Conner and Mt Vernon, while in the company of the fun and astute Debi! I picked up a few other things that I'll not show here,,,,,,but here are a couple of my other fun Finds of the Day.....

I think I darn near "stole" this spool of vintage ribbon from "Egg and Dart" in La is ALMOST full and near 50 yards!,,,,, you cannot see from the image that amongst this yummy gold with black, it also has hints of Gold!

I found this fun Floridian Pin Cushion in Mt Vernon! I HAD to have it......the fabric is my Fav color,,,,that warm, "Flamingo Pink" like my bedroom walls,,,,,but this lovely lady will be placed in the sewing area of my Studio! $10 Bucks,,,,and I've gotta say, she was a STEAL!! Lovin' those encrusted shells!

Oh my, do you LOVE this hand crochet bag/pouch??? Debi and I BOTH did! I think this one will go on my new dress form,,,,,in some capacity! Love it!

As previously stated.....I worked in the Studio today,,,,hence the pumpkin above,,,,,,,and I thought after spending several hours in there I should RENAME my blog........ADD Arts and Crafts! I played with MORE materials, ideas, concept and things.........thinking, " WHERE are YOU headed?.....WHAT are you doing,,,,,,,I alternated between BLISS at trying new techniques/materials and pacing the floor thinking "okay,,,,,you wanted to do WHAT???"

Ackk,,,,going to try and go junking/garage sale hunting and the likes tomorrow.......But I dunno........I may pull the PLUG early and try and make sense of what in the HECK else I'm doing!!!

Would love some feedback on my funky Chenille Pumkin........I think it's kinda cute ,,,,,,,let me know! I can take it!!! LOL

Hugs, and love,,,,,,,,and if I don't "see" or talk to you first, have an AWESOME weekend!!! I'm TRYING to work on some Catch ups!!


  1. I think your pumpkin is just 'Mah-ve-lous'! You go girl!

  2. love pumpkins, and that is a plump-kin... never to get moldy. love it

  3. Love the idea of making a chenille pumpkin. The stem looks a little too big to me for that size of pumpkin though. I like the wire curlicues you added. Love your crocheted bag and the ribbon. Great finds.

  4. Love your pumpkin! I think I'd add a couple of wool or vintage velvet leaves at the bottom of the stem. Very cool though made of that chenille!

  5. Dis is a stick up, lady . . . gimme da bag!!! ;0)


  6. Shell, your little pumpkin reminds me a bit of my own 'Sweet Sweater Pumpkins' designs that I've shared a few times on my blog... I'm going to offer a class on making them at our Petite Retreat Autumn Vintage Market, if you are interested!

    -Deb @ Retreat


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