Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Busy in "Shells" little Sweatshop....aka my Studio!

Ghouls NITE OUT pennant,,,,,

Okay,,,,,I STILL take the World's Worst Photos! Me, personally, ahem, AND  those I try and take, of my crafts. etc.......Here's a pennant I finished today down in "Shells little "Sweatshop!"
Oh yeah,,,the photo is even crooked! LOL (But you CAN click  on the image to Enlarge!)

"Potions" Box,,,,
I think I'm going to add some Black Ball Feet to this one......
Again,,,,Photograhpically  Challenged, Sorry!

Halloween/Christmas/ Christmas,,,,,,Halloween....a Vintage Inspired Chenille Wreath.....

Chenille, Silk Roses, lace, tulle,,,,,,,etc........

I've had Big fun, working with a Chenille bedspread, given to me by my friend Pam,,,,Pres of  our Snohomish Chamber of Commerce. She showed up at Joyworks one day,,,Bedspread in arms,,,,,a few Rust Stains on it and said, "Shell,,,,Do you WANT this?" Well,,,,,of course! So, now,,,,,it's being turned into many Holiday Crafts! I've been having fun making these wreaths,,,,and a a few other goodies......Whaddya think?

Back to the "Sweatshop in the morning,,,,have  a custom order to finish,,,,,and I'm thinkin' working with MORE fabrics tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Hugs and love,

PS,,,,,Lulu, where ARE you,,,,,you are Waaaaaaaay too quiet! LOL


  1. beautiful, well if you can call a skull beautiful! ha

  2. OMG these are darling, it looks like you had a blast Shelly, I wanna come over and play!

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  4. You are so talented!
    Enjoy your week!

  5. How Fun! These are great. Who would know how far an old bedspread could take you!! ha ha.
    Love the "Ghouls Nite Out"!

  6. Ghouls Nite Out has my name written ALL over it!!! I call dibs:)

  7. You are so industrious, Shell . . . LOVE the "goul's night out"! Where do you get all that inspiration?!

    xoxo Debi


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