Monday, August 9, 2010

Anne's Fantabulous Giveaway and Where and How did I MEET her?

Okay, first of all, my dear young friend Anne, of Fiona and Twig is having a HUGE and I mean HUGE CSN giveaway- $125 BUCKS~! To celebrate her FIRST year Blogging! Are you Kidding me? That's an awesome gift,,,but if you go over to my sidebar and click on her giveaway "Button" you'll see for yourself what kind of FOLLOWING she has,,,in a YEAR?  And that is NO coincedence! If you will,  please take a minute or two to first to read on...........

Her blog, is lovely, her antique booth is lovely and she is one of the best photographers that I've EVER come across!(Plug here also for my friend Jenn @ Amazing Graces on my sidebar) But Anne's images are ALL so lovely and I wish I could  just "bottle her up" and just take a BIT of her creativity/her eye and add it to MY blog!

But, More important? Is her Heart! I love this young lady, her creative spirit, the resillence and fortitude I've come to know. She's been through some tough times,,,,and comes back smiling and taking on NEW challenges!

By all means,,,,check out Anne's blog if you haven't already........and enter her great giveaway. But truly, she is the PRIZE!

This last week? After meeting Debi, from Ormolulu,,,I got to thinking.........I KNOW what your saying, "oh Geesh...where is she going with this?" Because I never to seem to suffer for a loss of words...Ya think?

But, Debi and I were talking when we met for the first time and trying to decide When/How we started "Chatting" through blogs and emails.....And I thought about OTHER blogfriends that have become really close friends thinking.....I met Lulu when..and how? I met Lynn where and how?  I THINK I met Vicki..........

I DO know at SOME point I found these wonderful blogfriends and started "following" and commenting,,,,and for the life of me,,,,the ONLY blogfriend I knew for SURE HOW I'd found was my now dear friend Maggie....whom Lulu had introduced to me.

It would be NICE if "Blogland" had a log or something that told us WHEN and how we found a new blog or When we started Following a particular person or site.....yeah, well, too much to hope for there! But as we all know, "one thing leads to another.......which lead me to .......whom lead me to..... and how I met..........Makes you stop and think though. doesn't it?

Regardless,,,,of how I met/found came to know my Blog friends, (thats YOU too!)  I'm sure glad I DID and it has certainly changed my life!

Are you getting ready to post  pictures or comments at my "Hoarders and Crafts Gone Wrong EVENT on your blog THIS Friday??" My prizes aren't as BIG as Anne's.......but I'm truly hoping it'll be a Funny and fun event!

Enjoy your week!
Hugs and Love,


  1. It truly is amazing how we have all come to know each other. Divine connections, I like to say. Maybe we all haven't met in person, but we still "know" each other and have friendships that I hope endure time. Getting to know you, Shelly has been so fun, you're one crazy girl!!

  2. Yay! I love Anne's blog too! Just adore her style. I'll head over and make your chances to win a little harder! ;) Just teasin, you know I wish ya luck!

    My pup is sitting here just whining..... Poor thing, I had better sign up for the giveaway tomorrow and go out to play some 'Midnight Catch' with him. Good thing he has a good sniffer on him, I can never see where I throw his toys this time of night, but he always finds them!

  3. Oh my gosh girl, you have me in tears over here! But GOOD ones, absolutely.

    I had a bit of a rough day, so to head over here and see THIS? It touched my heart, and has left me humbled and speechless.

    And I happen to think you're pretty terrific right back. :-)

    Love you BUNCHES,

  4. well WE have met , sort of... just not in person lol hugs JoAnn

  5. I laughed sooo hard at your comment on my post on books - I'd had a difficult day and you made me smile and smile! I have to stop by more often - as for projects gone bad...I make up Mom's Day Out Goodie boxes with all the excess supplies and give them to friends with kids still at home - they love them! Hugs, Jenn


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