Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Literature, crack and "don't kill the messenger!"

I Finally put the book that I've been reading down and at LEAST. bought some art/crafting supplies and hit Macy's to see what was the latest this afternoon!

Yesterday, I was AWOL. I managed to hit the grocery store because the felines were having FITS about just getting DRY food! But, I'd read myself BLIND!

Ugggh! I bought this book LAST week at a Garage sale for a BUCK!This is the second, apparently, in a series,,,,,,at least at THIS point, ONE of three! I think I "hate" this author as much as I "hate" Diana Gibaldon,,,,,for HER books! They,,,,,truly, are like "CRACK!" a drug! As apparently is at least THIS book! Now,,,,,,,I'm going to have to invest time/energies in reading the FIRST book, and well Dang,,,,,,the THIRD is already OUT THERE!

18th Century London and Paris,,,,,,,costumes, architecture,,,,,scandal/ politics/ humor........Ugh....I'm TELLIN' you, it's CRACK!

I'll forewarn you,,,,,,some of the relationships are scandalous and incestuous.....There are references to various relions and paganism OF THOSE times.....if that offends you you may want to SKIP these books. However, the author, Karleen Koen, apparently is Quite well read/versed as to what transpired religiously, traditionally,socially, sexually, and  politically, etc.  So,,,,,,,I'd say, take it all with a grain of salt.

I so Enjoyed the elaborations on lodgings, the fashions, costumes, the politics, the social structures, art, "old wives tales and remedies , customs and even medicines of the time......

 I would enjoy any feedback or comments from those of you that are familiar to this series,,,,,,,or IF you are NOT familiar, and pick up the books down the road! Please share your insight or thoughts!

I am SO putting this book away,,,,,,well at LEAST until the early hours,,,,,,,,,I need to get stuff DONE!

Hope you are having a good week! Two Days until my "Hoarders and Crafts gone Bad event!" Hope you have some FUN images! and Laugh at your mistakes/misdeeds!

Hugs and Love,


  1. I'd get no sleep for days if I picked this up. I was enmeshed in Diana Gabaldon and could not put down the first one...hoped I'd fall into a hole somewhere and come up in Scotland or at least find Jamie Fraser somewhere -- still looking for him! :)

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  3. Not familiar but I thought it was awesome that you would pass on a favorite book that meant something special to you. You would adore the huge book warehouse by me and their sale!!! I have a few books set aside right now for gifts "Seaside Gardening", The Dog's Book of Truth's" and "Inspired by Ingredients". I love wrapping too! When I give a cookbook I attach 2 pair of chop sticks with a tags that reads "there's nothing like take-out!" Hygs, Jenn

  4. I am a book lover as well! Thanks for th einfo on the the crack, er, book!!


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