Saturday, August 14, 2010

What do Blogfriends mean to YOU? A thought......Pls read on!

Hi! Hope you are having a good weekend! I will draw a winner for my hoarders event at 10:00am Sunday,tomorrow, so check out yesterday's posts and leave a comment if you still want to enter..But more than THAT, I want you to consider having an Emergency Blog Contact..

Please Read on and Consider..........

My Blog friend Elizabeth Golden has been MIA for quite a while.....Her last post was that she broke her hip. . .
I put a link on my sidebar about visiting and leaving a comment.........And IF you go to that link, there were at last count about 125 comments.......And still NO word on Elizabeth!  I'm concerned, worried and frustrated as I know many bloggers that know her or have visited her wonderful site are.

Which got me to thinking. What do Blogfriends mean to YOU? How would you feel if they dropped off the blogger map and you had NO idea what had happened or what was going on?

Now, when my Dear blogger friend Maggie got seriously hurt, she was able to convey to her kids that they needed to post on her blog, "what was up!"  She was fortunate that her daughter jumped in and posted on Maggies Blogs, to all of us what was going on.....Because, HEY, we care and we HURT when our Blog friends hurt.  Right? And when they plain just drop out of site like Elizabeth? It is REALLY frustrating!!!!

Some of our blogfriends,,,,(and I'm going to reference my friend Lulu as a case in point), have a Spouse that would let us know if Lulu, (God forbid)  broke her Funny bone while reaching for the cuppycake she stashed on the TOP shelf. I think Rick is pretty savvy about the importance of  her blogging community and WOULD understand it was important to advise her blog friends why she wasn't currently posting. But not ALL of us have such an understanding partner/friend of our blogging life,,especially if THEY are not a blogger!

So, case in point.......and this isn't about me, but I've thought of it before, even prior to NOT knowing what was going on with my Blog friend Elizabeth.......I climb down a narrow staircase heading down to the basement of this old house,,to my studio, more often than not, with supplies in my hands thinking, "If I take a digger down the stairs,,whose going to know? " Sure, my son checks in Sometimes......and yet......
If I break my femur/neck/Casaba, who is going to know that it's important to tell  blog friends what happened?"

Now,,,,,for those of you that have followed my blog/posts for some time,,,,,I'd hope you KNOW I'm a Glass Half Full,,,,,,shoot Brimming over the TOP ,kind of Gal........BUT! I also live in Earthquake Country,,,,and some of us locals, have a FEW emergency plans in effect.

So, my thought was this, simple and yet to the point. You post ONE Blog friend (in the Very bottom corner of yourBlogs "Never Never land" ) as an Email Contact. Pick ONE blog friend and let them know that they are your emergency contact. Get their phone number and/or email and switch infor with  your partner/neighbor/local friend-whomever, as your emergency contact! It's your EBC.....Emergency Blog Contact.

I love the blog friends I've gotten to know,,,,,and if something happened to them,,,,and I didn't know what was going on,,,,like NOW, it would drive me Crazy! So,,,,call me Crazy, you wouldn't be the First. As stated, I'm concerned about my Friend Elizabeth,,,,as I'm sure others are, because we don't KNOW what is going on! If THIS kind of system was in place,,,we could learn from a blogger/family member what was going on! Does THIS make sense, or is it just me?

If you are like me, you want to do more than just sit idly by and wait..not knowing. You want to be PRO-Active! But HOW, when you have NO means of contacting anyone directly involved? Frustrating,
 ya think?

Okay, so/ My BBFF Lulu of Coastal sisters , read THIS just as I was finishing and is going to create an "EBC" Button for ALL of us to post on our sidebars~ Ackk! This is Great! So YOU can list an emergency contact! Thanks Sweetie!  I will post YOUR link and Button on MONDAY!
I think it's important and so awesome that YOU stepped up to the plate! 

 Lulu will have this posted on her Blog on Monday and I will post a Link!

Yep, blogger friends ARE Real friends. We get to know them, love them and worry about them~ I think we should ALL do this,,,,,even IF you have a child that is a saint and fills in for you,,,or a hubby that thinks you're the best thing since Cupcakes!

Thanks Lulu! You ARE the Best!

Hugs and love and enjoy the rest of your HOT weekend! And Lord, I wish SOMEONE would let us KNOW what's going on with my blog friend the sparked this whole line of thinking, Elizabeth!..........



  1. OK, I will make the button for you! Gimme until Monday to get it done since I am up to my *cuckoo clock noise here* in painting the new cabinets!

    This is a great idea. I do hope you find out what has happened to your friend.

    I can't tell you how excited I am getting about our trip! YAY!!

    Love and Pieces,

  2. I was actually thinking about this today. I can do the email contact -- with my wonderful blogger Goddaughter -- but thought that I would give her my login and if something happened she could post information. I trust her infinitely and think that would work. I'm a glass half-full to overflowing sort, but it's best to think ahead. I would hate for my wonderful blog friends to not know what happened if I stopped posting for a long while.

  3. I'm really relieved that Lulu is going to create a Button for us to post on our sidebars,,,,,even if we keep that info in the Dungeon's of our Blogs!

    Buttercup, et al. I'd just be pleased to know that SOMEONE would advise us or contact us in an emergency!

    Looking forward to "Grabbing" Lulu's Button on Monday and posting it on my sidebar......

    I hope that those of you reading this,,,,POST about your LOVE and feelings for blogfriends you have met,,and encourage THEM to "Grab" and post Lulu's button and post it on their sidebars!!!


  4. This is a great idea, glad you thought of it Shell. Some people may not understand, but my husband knows by now he would have to do a post! Hope your friend is OK!

  5. Hi Shell:
    What a fabulous idea! I have two friends who have just dropped off the face of Blogland. I sent notes to both and heard back from one. The other is still MIA. ;-( Now, to decide who will be my blog contact!
    Thanks to LuLu for making the button. I'll be back to learn more!

  6. My blog friends are so kind! I really care about them! You are a wise woman Shelly!!

  7. This is a good idea. I have been wondering about Elizabeth also. Do I remember her saying that she might have to go to some kind of rehab facility?

  8. Shelly, What a wonderful idea! I'll be on the EBC band wagon for sure. I wondered about Elizabeth too? Have to give some thought abount my contact and need to teach DH how to contact them!
    hugs Lynn

  9. You and Lulu are awesome! I've thought about this often and have a few phone numbers but for most blog friends - not. And my Jack would not have a CLUE how to let anyone know anything except by phone LOL Great idea!

  10. Great idea. I have lost contact with several bloggers who have dropped off the face of the earth. No explanation. And it haunts me.


  11. I happened upon your blog after visiting Connie at She Dreams Big and I'm so glad I stopped by to visit! You have a wonderful blog and I LOVE the emergency blog friend idea. I'll be back to visit often, have a Blessed week.

  12. Hi Shelly,
    Okay, now I understand! Your poor friend, I hope she gets better soon, what an awful time of it she's had! Someone must be keeping up her blog a bit, as the comments are being moderated it looks like.
    It sounds like an idea that could be helpful too some people for sure! I'm personally to much of a control freak and would probably just have my husband bring my laptop to the hospital! I've had 7 surgeries over the last 8 years for various medical problems, and I always tried to keep running things from the hospital bed! ;)
    Why don't you stop by my Facebook page and give a shout out to my "fans" (as Facebook calls them) about your idea. You can find a link to it at the top of my blog. I'm sure you will help some people, it's always good to have a plan!


  13. You make a very good point here, Shell. Can't imagine YOU, for instance, *disappearing* from blogland . . . it would be a travesty! Fortunately for me, Jim knows how important all of this is to me; and he would carry any necessary message forward on my behalf. But not everybody has that luxury. Just look at how blogs are impacting our lives!!

    You, for instance, are an *amazing grace* brought into my life at a point when you have no idea how much I've needed to hear such positive feedback. I'm even a little embarrassed . . . hoping I can live up to that incredible kudos you sent my way!!! All I can say, girl, is that it takes on to know one . . . thank you for seeing my heart. We have much to look forward to.

    Can't wait for Thursday . . . joy, joy, joy!

    xoxo Debi

  14. You and LuLu are terrific...I would just die if you fell down those stairs and never heard from you again.
    Blog friends are the best and it would be very sad to have one I hope you find her soon.
    I will have get the button too.
    Shell your the best and I would be very lonely without you in my life
    Love ya sweetie

  15. I just read about this on Maggie's blog, Shell, and came right over. I think it's a great idea and I've done a post myself to pass it along. I've also put the button on my sidebar with a link to my contact ~ my sister who also blogs!

  16. Wonderful idea! I will grab the button too!
    BTW I am loving your blog! I came over from Kathy's blog (above) and am so glad I did!

    I am a follower girl and I will be back!

    Lou Cinda :)


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