Saturday, August 28, 2010

Okay,,,,,,,,this IS my last weekend of Junking, Garage Sales, Estate Sales,,,,,,,But, check out this box of silver/plate! Ackk!

I headed to ONE sale ,,,,,repeat ONE sale this morning at 800AM,,,,,,A SATUDAY only EVENT.......before going to work at Joyworks.....
And,,,,,I found THIS fun box of silver, silver plate,,,,,for  Next to Nothing! It was SO heavy, I could hardly carry it!

Okay, click to see some of the wonderful, FUN Spoons!  Ackkk!

A sampling of other things in the cute, pink lined cache of "Yumminess!

I Swear, tomorrow,,,,,,,,EARLY the Sand Point event in Seattle IS my LAST stop in buying/repuposing for my show in October! Ackkk! Finis! ,,,,,,,,,,,Kapput! DONE!

After this? Bag it/Tag it,,,,create it and wrap it up for the show!

I'll be conservative in tomorrow's finds! But will share if I find something to Die for,,,,,,,,for moi, or for crafts or something you might just be crazy about!
Enjoy your Sunday! We were Hopping at Joyworks today.....a brief show stop and then onward/upward,,,,,,,,,to Joyworks! There is SO much new stuff in the store,,,,,,,,ack! Stop in!  Or check out the Joyworks blog on my sidebar,,,,,to see the latest!!

Hugs and Love,


  1. great collection of different pieces! and I'll believe it when I see it, no more yard sales this year! ha!

  2. Oh I want the spoons I would flatten the bowls and stamp words on them !then use some for spooning glitter on projects !!

  3. Sure, sure, bwahahahahahahaha! So many things you could do with those spoons!!! I'd make a couple of boxes, end them and use them for handles on top. YUM!

  4. Oops, meant bend them, not end them! LOL

  5. One lady blogger made a fantastic braclet out of two forks.That I will try some day.I think I have the picture so if you would want to contact me I could send it to you.


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