Friday, August 20, 2010

Playing on the Penninsula Thursday!

WOWZA! Had a great "Girlfriend" -filled day yesterday over on the  Washington Penninsula!  We didn't see any Vampires,,,,,(Oh Shoot, I was gonna check Peggy's neck for Bite Marks,,,,but I forgot! She ate lunch though, so I guess she's still "One of Us!"

Eastbound Ferry Terminal Pt Townsend

I drove up North and met up with the wonderful , talented and antique expert, Debi Burton of "Ormolulu" Blog and "Eventress" extrodinaire Fame and we headed first to Whidbey Island and caught a ferry over to Port Townsend. It was actually "misting" (Washingtonian's have more names for rain than anyone else you'll ever come across! But THAT is a post in and of itself!)
Although it did start clearing up after our Lunch........But WHO Cares? LOL

Ackkkkkk! Lunch! We had TOO much fun! Here's Debi and Moi and the cast of Characters (Stop thinking Twighlight now would you???)

(L-R, Blog friend Lisa, My sis in law Mary, Peggy- Debi's Sis, Debi  and Moi (nice Chin Shell, what is up with THAT?)

Lisa, is a Blog friend I've gotten to know and love over the last year or so. She lives in Sequim (that's pronounced SQUIM-famous for the Lavendar~ And their Lavendar Festival each Summer. This was the first time I'd met Lisa although we've been blog friends for quite a while! She's big fun! Lisa took a lunchbreak from her job to join us! I'm SO glad she did! I hope I convinced her to come over and visit me soon!
(Lisa's Blog is the "Davies Dialogs")

My sister in law Mary has been my sister in law since I was 10! (My Bro is 10 years older) I  Love her dearly, YOU might recognize her if your local (anywhere from Portland, Seatlle to the "wilds of MONTANA!) from hitting a lot of Shows and shops~ In fact, DEBI,,,didn't know the connection between Mary and I, until lunch.... and Mary walked in,,,,,,and after Mary hugged me, they  looked at each other, screamed, laughed and hugged! Mary had bought several, ahem, LOVELY goodies from Debi's booth,  down at the Portland Expo a few weeks ago! Too funny!

Peggy, (Debi's sis) who also joined us, lives in Forks (Basically more rain there than anywhere on the Planet!) They are inundated with tourists this Summer,,,,there is even a Twilight Store!

We had a great time laughing and sharing at lunch! And Peggy darn near convinced my Mary to get computer AND an INTERNET Connection, Finally! She even offered drive to Port Angeles and help her get set up! I know, my Bro and Mary live in the dark ages! LOL!

 Come on though, a bonafide "Shopaholic" without a Computer? SHUT UP! She's coming round, though. When she comes to stay with me, I show her what is up in Blogland or how she can go to those Websites in the back of Romantic Homes she's  been drooling over! (I'll let you guys know if she ever crosses over to the "Dark Side!) Ha!

Debi and I had a ball! We hit a few Antique stores and Shops in Pt Townsend as well. I certainly want to head back over there. Can you believe,,,I've lived in Washington the majority of my life an had never been there! Cute Shops! Gorgeous architecture in town and the majestic Historic homes sitting above on the Bluff,,,,,not to mention the sail boats anchored just off shore. Lovely!

Thanks to Debi for "showing me the sites, the shops and doing the majority of the driving!  (And, calming my nerves when the  unexpected Naval Jet swooped overhead! Geesh, I was married to a PILOT for heavens sake!)

I had SO much fun! New friends, family, new communities, a few fun finds. Life doesn't get much better!
Okay,,,,,maybe it DOES! I went home with a whole cooler FULL of Salmon and a good sized chunk of Halibut!  Oh Debi,,,,,,I know I gave you some, but there was my brothers AWESOME smoked salmon in the cooler too!Next time. It is to Die for!

TOO Fun! Meeting two  of my Blogger friends in the last Couple of weeks......Debi and now Lisa! Hmmmmmmm,
Trying to figure out how I could transport Two LARGE dogs and two good for nothing felines in a ,,,WHAT? "Canned Ham" camper and a Vintage Truck- Cross Country to meet my OTHER blog friends? A girl can DREAM.......can't she?

( I hit a few garage sales today..scored TWO white Chenille Bedspreads, a Buck Each!) And some fun laces,,,,,,,but not my usual treasure trove today! The "Junk Goddesses" must have been off meeting new friends!

Have a GREAT Weekend! Huge Soccer Tournament in Snohomish this weekend! And the weather will be Cool,,,,,,I think we're gonna be "kickin it" in Joyworks!

Hugs and Love,

(Lyneen, Missed YOU! Gotta Connect NEXT time I'm over that way!)


  1. Geez, Shell . . . is there anything you DON'T remember?! If I ever belong to a *club*, you are annointed secretary!!!!

    What a good-feeling day, all the way around. Thanks for sharing your friend Lisa with us--like I'd known her forever (Peggy thought so too!). And to see Mary on-the-spot and recognize her from my shows was just freaking amazing, no?! We shopped a lot less than usual--but still managed to find a few great things! Life is soooooo good and you are soooooo much fun!!!! Can't wait for our next expedition. And, by the way, there is nothing wrong with your chin; it's totally noble!

    Signing off as the *mother* of Mary's dress form,


    P.S. I hope you weren't starving to death by the time you got home!

  2. LOL Debi,,,,,,,,I was beyond hungry! I had two glasses of wine because I was wired and fell asleep on the couch! And,,,,,,,Thank you JESUS! I slept till morning! No ahem, "Hormonal wake up call" at 3:00 am!

    Shoot, I MUST do this Friend Trek thingy more often!


  3. OH MY GOSH... it sounds like so much fun... I LOVE GIRL DAYS OUT!!!!!

    I thought of all of you a few times during the day. Port Townsend is one of my favorites on the peninsula. We have one of the small houses on Fort Worden booked for a Friday night in October for a family getaway.

    Hope we have a chance soon!

  4. Its sounds like you gals were really kickin it! What a fun day, there really isn't much better than playing with GF's no matter how old we get. LOL

    BTW i received the most wonderful little package in the mail today, Your so sweet! Thank you Shell. I'll be doing a post on it soon. got to get past my giveaways this weekend first. sheesh where does the time go?
    hugs and have a fab weekend!

  5. What a great time it look like y'all had! :-)


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