Sunday, August 29, 2010

The MIA blogfriend, Elizabeth of Last Door down the Hall is Finally Back,,,,,,,and posting!

Okay, if you recall,,,,,,,,a dear blog friend. Elizabeth,,,,,,of "Last Door Down the Hall " blog  fame......was the one that inspired me to create the EBC "button" for our blogs! (Who we can contact if you drop out of Blogland).She broke her hip,,,,,,,,and disappeared,,,,,,,for weeks,,,months! Now, she is Back!
Thank heavens! But she is/was the inspiration behind my EBC.........Emergency Blog Contact Button.............

So,,,,,,,,i f you haven't yet,,,,,,,,GRAB Lulu's Fun Button,,,,,,,,,contact at LEAST ONE blogger friend and put it somewhere on you blog,,,,,,,it can be Remote,  corner of YOUR blogland.......

,,,,,Glad YOU are doing better Elizabeth,,,,,,,,and LOL look what YOU started,,,,,,,,,,,and when you have time and feel better,,,,,,,,,who is YOUR EBC??????????????I hope NOT to spend weeks/months knowing that Something happened,,,,,,,,,,but What? When? How?



  1. Happy Monday to you, Shelly! I was so delighted to see that I had received one of your lively visits, as they always bring me sunshine!!! :)))

    I too have not been a very good blog friend. Summer has kept me quite busy tending to our new and improved veggie garden. Of course the many flower beds are ever in need of errant weed pulling and deadheading. My computer time is limited in the morning by a cup of joe and moments to push the publish button, if I feel so inclined. I am looking forward to fall, only in the respects of spending more time catching up with my blog buddies!! How I have missed them so!

    I am so sorry to learn you have a toothache! I feel for you, my friend! There is nothing worse then a tender mouth ... I wish you a speedy recovery on that one!

    It has been a quite nippy over here too. I fear fall has been fast approaching us for quite some time. We have a plethora of tomatoes on the vine, many of which have yet to turn. I fear they shall never have the chance before we are hit with our first frost. This has not been a decent year for gardening. Alas, what can you do?

    I wish for you a beautiful week ... may the earth be light beneath your footfalls ...

  2. This blog is written in the most dreadful font I have had the misfortune to cast my eyes across. It is virtually unreadable.


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