Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EBC Button......Questions and Answers.....

This just goes to show that I love my Blog friends. I got an email from a dear blog friend......She'll remain anonymous, but let's just "say" that her name is Jill and her adoring husband's name is Jack.

Rumor has it, they fell down the Hill,,,,,Lies I tell you, but how would you know,,,,,Unless Jill had an EBC???

"Jill" emailed me and said, "Shell,,,I don't quite get this whole EBC button thing." (I'm using quotes liberally here, She's is much more intelligent, articulate and one of the funniest gals I know, but that's the Gist of it! )

And I said, "Don't feel bad about being confused" because I ALWAYS seem to be as of late....
So,,,I HOPE this clears any EBC confusion up a bit ~

(A somewhat modified version of my email response back to the anonymous "Jill")

"Okay,,,,,So you post the EBC Button somewhere on your sidebar,,,,,( it can be down in some little corner  pocket that folks wouldn't go to much UNLESS, they were trying to find out where YOU disappeared to......

And YES,,,,,,,,,,,,
Have a link with an Email Contact of YOUR choice. (IE: Shelly39WA@aol.comThen ---Jill would give "The Hubbs," Jack, my Phone number and my email address. He could let me know what is going on with our beloved Jill.

Then,  He can email me or Phone  me and say, "Dangit, Jill was hanging the Star on the Christmas tree and fell off the ladder and broke ALL 10 fingers and all 10 toes! " (Jack mutters under his breath, "I guess that means I'll have to do all the Giftwrap this year!")


I, being the truly devoted blogger friend that I am:  Go to Jill's LATEST BLOG POST.....(the one she posted BEFORE she eaten Aunt Edna's Rum-laced Fruit Cake and had hung said star) And I would POST a Comment there,as to what happened. Even IF they (Jills Bloggers) don't follow ME, they can at LEAST look to  her last post for comments/info. OR, they can find her Beautiful EBC button and Then they can email ME and I can pass on whatever info Jack gives me.

I hope this helps!

(At least that way people will know what is going on,, ,  that- Jill can't handle Aunt Edna's Rum Cake and that IF we were expecting a gift, it's going to look like some derranged temp from the Post office got ahold of it first! And, we may need to all chip in and buy Jill some voice activated device so she can get BACK to blogland) And, IF you could find her EBC contact on her blog sidebar......well, then You'd at least KNOW to go lightly on Aunt Edna's Fruitcake and KNOW that Jack was tending to the twenty or so appendages Jill managed to break! God Bless Jack!

Aren't you GLAD that Because Jill had her EBC Contact you KNOW what's going on? Jack MAY be a saint,,,,,but he's NO blogger! So,  with all that in mind, Give a blog friend YOUR INFO...Post the Button in the bowels of your sidebar. We love you, We worry!

***All Characters,  used in this illustration are purely ficticious. Any references to products (Aunt Edna's rum laced Fruitcakes), goods or services are stricly for educational and entertainment purposes, only, although I would LOVE one for the holidays,,,preferably without citrus and those weird green thingys.)

Love you "Jill",,,,,your email (as always, made me laugh). But I hope this helps everyone! Email or comment if you have any further thoughts/comments or questions!

Hugs and Love,

(Headed over to the Washington Penninsula tomorrow---Home of Twilight and Vampires...LOL. Should be a fun "Girl day with a couple of Blogger friends and family! Hope to take some fun pics! )


  1. I HAD A WONDERFUL LAUGH!!!! It is on my to-do list!!

  2. Girl you crack me up! Now I know what I'm sending you for Christmas - a fruitcake liberally laced with bunches of those little 'green thingys' which by the way are also citrus (pineapple dyed green) or a fruit (cherries) LOLOLOL but I might try using Jujubees this year LOL You are too much, snort snort!

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