Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ouch! (And such nice friends!)

I've been in pain for about 4 days. I broke a tooth and have an abscess. Ugh! No fun!  Got into see the dentist yesterday, monday and started some drugs,,,,I will have a "procedure on Thursday."

On Sunday, Penny (from Joyworks)  and I went to  the Sand Point Show in Seattle and who should have the first booth inside the event?? Debi, from Ormolulu,,,  http://ormolulu.blogspot.com/, although I wanted to find a Vintage hammer in one of the booths and just knock myself out, she managed to make me laugh!

She had an awesome booth! (As usual!) YGG!

I got out of the show with a 3-lite little Italian Chandelier for my bedroom. That was all to speak of,,,so you KNOW I wasn't feeling well!

Although still resembling Popeye today, I felt a bit better and had  lunch with my Dearest (non blogger)  friend, Laura
and came home to a package from Lynn Stevens of Trash to Treausures Art

Is it any wonder she's in Sommerset all the Time???? What a nice surprice Lynn! Especially this week!

Look at the Card she made,,,,,,This is just exquisite!
(And it's blank, she wrote on the back of one of her tags,,,,,but I'm keeping this one! HA!

And these GORGEOUS altered art tags, with gorgeous vintage crochet and Hat pin!
And a gorgeous Flower she made!
Thanks Lynn, you are so sweet, Love it ALL!

Lulu called today to check on me too ,,,,,toothache or no, life is pretty good! I'm truly blessed to have such thoughtful friends! Stay healthy! And if you live in Washington STAY WARM AND DRY,,,,,,,what is THIS STUFF in August????

Hugs and Love,


  1. Oh Shell - oh no - not a tooth ache! I must confess that even though I am a nurse - I am terrified of the dentist. (Yes - this is true!) I will say many prayers for your sad tooth - i do so hope you feel better - that is such a miserable feeling my friend.

    It sounds as though you made the best of it and enjoyed a great show - wonderful treasures that you have shown us - but still - it is no fun to have a tooth ache.

    I will check on you later this weekend - I sure hope you feel better soon!


  2. Hi Shell, Sorry you have to deal with a broken tooth...been there and done that! I hope you feel better soon. The package you got from Lynn is wonderful and how sweet of her to send this. Take care,

  3. Oh poor baby!! I hope you are feeling better SOON! Tooth pain SUCKS!!

  4. Hope you are feeling much, much better. I've had the world of dental procedures and my heart goes out to you! Loved all the treasures in your photos.

  5. I called you today, Shell--but there was no answer. Have been thinking about you all day! Thanks so much for being such a good sport and coming to the show. Glad you found something nice for yourself. (Don't know about that weird person in the *photo frame*, tho!!)

    Get well, my girl!!

    xoxo Debi

  6. Beautiful blog! ! I do live in Washington, and it's a rainy. Mess here in Spokane yuck! Hugssss Stephanie

  7. Oh you poor thing - nothing worse than a sore mouth. On the other hand - was it something you tried to CHEW at one of those yard sales??? LOL Hope you're feeling much better after your procedure tomorrow!

  8. I'm sorry for your tooth!! just take the pain killers and rest... and then tomorrow, yuck, take the meds and just get through it. glad you made the show, but I'm sure the memories are clouded by the painful memories!! cute photo of Debi! and love the ideas on your 'creative package'. GO TAKE CARE OR YOURSELF

  9. You are a true junker, Shelly, to go shopping with a toothache! And what is worse than a toothache? Hope you are getting some 'happy' drugs! Take care girl!

  10. Poor honey, hope you're tooth gets taken care of at that appt. It's amazing what we'll do if a show is around!

  11. oh sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth! ouch!!!!! hope all goes well on Thursday.
    Glad you got your goodies, enjoy and feel better real soon!
    hugs Lynn


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