Saturday, April 16, 2011

A couple of Giveaways and Blog Friends.....

My Friend Maggie at "Just Between Me & You" is having a "Sweet" Giveaway.  But it's about more than that. Maggie's Giveaway asks about When you started blogging,,,,Why you blog and for me, it made me look back,,,to my FIRST blog post.

Oh Lordy! I don't know about the rest of you,,,,But I had NO idea what I was doing. I jumped in with both feet back in 2008 in my first blog called "Shell in Snohomish." We'd had quite the Snow storm and I'd had the Joyworks Gang here for our annual Christmas Bash. So, I took a FEW photos and started a blog.
Well, I've gotta say, that I spend a lot of time in the ensuing weeks on apologizing for pics going on the blog sideways,,,,or just plain bad pics! Now, if you've been strong and steadfast enough to follow me for long, it wasn't until recently that I REALLY started posting decent photos......but at least they've been "upright for a while!"  And looking Back,,,,,,after reading Mag's post...I saw the friends that were with me in the beginning!

Thanks to the Joyworks Gals,,,,,,for posting and commenting, Linda Queen and Mishelle for being "Cheerleaders" and for then, my newfound friend LULU, for encouraging, posting, introducing me to other blog friends,,,,like my dear friend Maggie. Ackk!

Yadda yadda Shell,,,,,that's nice, but WHAT are you saying?.... I've met some Great Women through this whole thing. I cannot imagine my life without them. While my Blog STILL continues to evolve, there have been many great "Friend Finds" along the way......Friend I've never met...Friends at Events-near AND far, Classes, through Events held online......How fun!

So all THAT said....Maggie's got a  "Sweet" Giveaway about the whole blogging/friends/posting thingy.....
Stop by Just Between Me & You before May 1st

And, My friend Jody, of Home & Heart,,,,,,who actually WON MY Giveaway yesterday, has a Gorgeous Necklace Creation on Her blog for some lucky Lady!  Ends April 30th!

Jody's Blog,,,,,necklace giveaway For some reason, I can't open the picture.......but it's gorgeous! She does amazing jewelry! So, "Click on over, and check it out!"

So,,,,,Case in point, I still have "glitches" when I blog. But I have learned a LOT and the friendships I've formed are priceless! I cannot imagine life anymore without my blogfriends!

Have a GREAT Sunday,,,,,,,
Hugs, love and a "Bus" still wearing a SWEATER! it is COLD and Wet this April Day!


  1. Is that a fudge giveaway, Shell?
    I love fudge!

  2. My life has truly been enriched because we are friends. My cup runneth over with love for you my friend!


  3. Ah Shell what a sweetheart you are to have a post about me and my SWEET giveaway.
    I am sitting here now thinking about what words to write that would truly express to you how much you mean to me.
    You have really enriched my soul by coming into my life and it is friends like you and LuLu that keep me going everyday.
    So know your in my thoughts and prayers my sweet friend and I love you

  4. Well l am a newby at the blogging gig. And so I am in the learning mode continually. I want to use original content so that doesn't just happen naturally. And I am moody...sometimes I am just not feelin it.
    It would be great to have a routine...I see so many blogs that are consistent....whew, I wish. Love your visits, always entertaining and great to read.

  5. Sweetie I a sorry I missed you Thursday!! My little guy had to go to the Dr. His cold developed into a sinus infection! I hope we can visit soon! Have a sweet weekend!

  6. Shell- you touch the lives of so many people with your blog. You inspire and you genuinely change people's lives. Look what you have done for that precious little girl- and so many organizations in your community.

    We all have grown in our blogging endeavers- ( thank goodness for that- as I started out so unsure about the whole process!) sometimes blogger drives me crazy- glitches that I can't fix- makes me want to scream!!

    You are a fabulous blogger- a blogger who speaks from the heart and gives so so much to others. We are all so blessed to visit you here.

    A thank you from MY heart for sharing my little nest give away- you are so kind to do that for me--


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