Friday, April 8, 2011

Bonnet Making Session....Too Fun! And scroll down if you Missed my Giveaway Post!

We had TOO much FUN Today at my "Second Annual" Easter Bonnet Class/Session. I started this LAST year,,,,to tie into the Easter Parade and Bonnet Contest that takes place here in Snohomish on April 23rd.
I wanted my "Classes/Bonnet Making to have a Twist." Get the KIDS and the local Seniors together for a Creative afternoon!  I KNOW I had a Ball today,,,,,I had so much fun with the KIDS, Mom's and some of the Local Seniors just warmed my heart!  A few Pics from Today's class.................

Folks from Ameritus,,,,,,Formerly Sunrise Assisted Living,,,,,,,,I wanted to adopt them ALL! And the helpers were GREAT! Thanks Guys! Hugs to you ALL!

One of our Younger Bonnet Designers............

Can you event STAND IT? How cute is SHE?????????
I just wanted to adopt all these Ladies........And the Gent that came along!
These two were Totally in to IT! I hope they had as much fun as I did helping them!

I've got more pics,,,,,,,,I don't know if I used the same file name as last year and that's why it's not allowing me to add the other photos...........

Snohomish now hosts the ONLY Easter Parade (Saturday, April 23rd) in the State!

Next Stop, the Parade in TWO weeks (where the Bonnet Gang can ride on the Chamber of Commerce Float) and in in the case of Many a Senior,,,,,,,,on the Coaches provided by their local Facilities and Venues!

Thanks to ALL of you here in Snohomish that donated Supplies for this Event! And,,,,,,,thanks also to those businesses that donate PRIZES/Candy and the Likes for the Bonnet  Contest Participants! That's is SO indicative of what it means to live and/or work in a Small Town!

I hope you ALL have a great weekend! Stop and smell the "Glue Gun" or whatever it is that makes YOUR life and others a bit Better!

Hugs, Love and an "Easterly" Bus!

PS.......Spend time with the Elderly,,,,,,,,If you don't have any of "your own," Adopt some (one). It will enrich your life and make you forget your problems!
Spend time with your local Youth..........If you don't have any of "you own, Adopt some (one.) It will
enrich your life and make you forget your problems!

If you're interested, my Last post was a Giveaway,,,Scoll Down for info!...........


  1. Shelly:
    Those gals (young and old) in their bonnets are just adorable! How wonderful that you could do this with and for them.
    Big Hugs!

  2. How FUN is that!!!! OMG I wish I could have been there with you :)


  3. I love the idea of an Easter bonnet class! It certainly brings back memories to those days when we got a special Easter dress, shoes and hat each year (matching for the sisters, of course). And an Easter Parade, to boot! It's all too fabulous!
    Happy Easter and Spring days,
    Sharon :-)

  4. It looks like you all had a wonderful time!
    I attend a Easter bonnet luncheon every year put on by the ABWA. I think were up to 14 years now. It started out with a handful of ladies and around 30 baskets in a silent auction, now its way over 200 ladies and to many baskets to count, most everyone wear a Bonnet and we have a parade around he room and judge in 5 themes. I'm a judge this year. Its so much fun and this Saturday,!!! can't wait!
    hugs Lynn

  5. Another reason why we all love you Shell. Look at the smiles on these ladies faces. OMG what a great time for everyone. So happy that you did this and took the time to share it with us.
    I put your giveaway on my sidebar and did a post about it on my Temptations page but I have recheck my Tempations page to make sure I have right ending date.
    Love ya

  6. God Bless you Shell for sharing your precious TIME and talents with those sweet seniors and young people. I just know they all had a wonderful time! Love seeing all the happy smiles!

    Happy Easter to you dear Shell--
    (I've volunteered to work the weekend so some of the folks can be home with their little ones when the Easter bunny arrives--)


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