Monday, October 29, 2012

A bit of Nostaligia Nordstrom Style (Stew Recipe)

Hi All!

Hope you are all safe and cozy!! Prayers and well wishes for all of you on the East Coast and hope you didn't get blown away here in Washington State today, either!! It was a busy day for me, but I wanted something quick, hearty and inexpensive simmering on the stove today,,,,,so, I made a pot of "Ryans" Hamburger Stew.

You may or my not know that I worked for Nordstrom for YEARS! I worked at a few of the first stores, long before they got HUGE! I used to have lunch at "our" Ryan's Cafe,,,in The Downtown Seattle (Flagship) Store. Someday's I'd be sitting next to "Mr. John" or "Mr. Jim" (The Second generation of  the Nordstrom family.)  The Original Cafe's in Nordstrom were run by a Father and Son, whom I got to know back in the 70's. They made Great Sandwiches and Soups, and more often than not,  I'd tuck into a bowl of this........

Ryan's Cafe Hamburger Stew

(This is SO quick and easy to make,,,,the only chopping you'll do is the Onion and the Garlic. Prep time is 10 minutes,,,,,,then you just let it Simmer! Freezes well too!)

"Ryan's Cafe" Hamburger Stew........

One large Onion Minced
1 1/2 lb. Lean Hamburger
Canola Oil
1/2 teasp chopped Garlic
1/2 teasp Basil

A bag EACH of Frozen-
 Southern Hashbrowns (The CUBES not the shredded)
Peas and Carrot Mix

One can DRAINED Stewed Tomatoes
32 oz. Beef Broth

1 cup HOT water and 1 1/2 Tablespoon Flour

So? In a Large Soup Pot:

Brown the chopped onion in  appx 1 Tb Canola Oil and a good pinch of Salt to "Sweat" the Onions.  Throw in the Hamburger and brown.

Once the Hamburger is Browned add EVERYTHING else, except the Hot water and Flour.

Simmer for an hour or so. THEN, Take one cup of HOT water and wisk in the flour with a fork until well mixed. Add slowly into the Stew.  You're Done,,,,,,,,Just let it simmer a couple more hours.......

Serve with Crusty Bread or Roll and Butter.........

Like spaghetti, or many other things, it tastes GREAT the first day but even better the 2nd or 3rd day!
I hope you try and Enjoy!! I had a busy day making "Stuff," cleaning up around here, etc. Hope your week is starting off well! Stay safe and stay Cozy!!

Hugs, Love and a "Blustery Bus" (We're safe here in Washington but it was a WINDY day!!)


  1. Hi I just sent you an email. love your blog.
    Will be back often

  2. This recipe sounds delicious. Easy enough for me to make. Yummy. Hugs, cm

  3. i made white chili! will save your recipe! sounds great.


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