Sunday, October 7, 2012

PMS,,,"Poor Me Syndrome"

My mother used to say--- into her  60's and even 70's that she KNEW when "The School Picnic" would have happened....(That was the term she USED to write on the Family Calendar in earlier years, when she was/or started her Period). I could never quite understand how you would KNOW when you period WOULD have been,,,years and decades after they had ceased. But yesterday? I think I was having "PMS" even though THOSE days of the "School Picnic" are LONG over! (I'll have to mark it on MY Calendar and see if I am still having emotional "School Picnics" Even NOW!)

Instead, I'm calling it "Poor Me Syndrome," because YES, I was hurt Badly, but IF I still have a Hormone or TWO left if my body,,it kicked in! (Maybe the desire to Clean and eat sweets should have been an indicator).  Or, as they said in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, "It's the Hormonies!" Huh? Do I still HAVE any of those???

And I Know we all like different things. It was a respect issue. And I always try and respect things others do, create, love. Even if it's different from my own. I always HOPE that I "Lift" other's UP. That's why it hurt so bad......not because they didn't like my "Stuff," but because they didn't respect me enough to be KIND.

So,,,,I thought about it a lot today,,,talked with one of my "Bestest's" this morning.(Thank you!,,,you mean the World to me!)  And Truly? Was embarrassed after I read so many lovely Comments!,,,,, I wasn't asking for a "You're great, don't Go!" kind of thing,,,,I just hurt.  But thank you ALL!

And,,,,as Lisa Swiftka commented on Facebook regarding my  Blog post,,,,We are ALL torn in a million directions these days,,,,,Blogs/FB/Twitter (I don't do that but understand), Pinterest, etc...And as Mary P. C. Commented on my Post from Friday,,,, We partially do this "Blog Thing" to record/Journal, what we've done.

I'm going to lick my wounds and Continue doing what I love to do,,,,,,Sharing the Day to Day,,posting Stuff I make, Junk I find and Life,,,,as I see it! Thank you. Thank you for reading even if you don't comment. And thank you for letting me have a "PMS",,,Poor Me Syndrome Day!

We've got a COUPLE more Sunny Days In Washington State,,,,,,I should just get OUT and take some Photos of the beautiful Place I live,,,,,,and count ALL my Blessings!!  That would include all of YOU!

Hugs, Love and an "Extra" Bus of Gratitude on the Cheek!

( Sometimes it's HARD to find the Good,,,,when things are Sad, or negative, I always try and look toward the Light,,,,,That is one of my most God driven, spiritual beliefs. Lift up OTHERS,,,,and you yourself will be lifted!. We ALL need to lift each other up in Good and in Bad times,,,,,it's WHY I hurt so bad,,but also WHY I believe it is SO important to do for those in our lives!)


  1. I am glad you are feeling better and my resolution to comment more lol I am commenting xx

  2. Shell...there are a LOT of us who are sorta new to all this blog stuff. Guess we are the "lurkers" in the background that don't comment because we didn't know we were supposed to! I do so enjoy your lighthearted and fun creations as well as your comments on day to day life. I don't even have an account, so I am one of your "anonymous" fans. BIG hugs.

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