Friday, October 19, 2012

Reality Check! (6 days w/o Internet)

This last week has been SO crazy! I lost my Internet of Sunday, my Birthday! Thank you ALL for all your Birthday wishes here and on Facebook!

I've had a GREAT week and caught up on a lot of Junk I should have done MONTHS ago! Having NO internet does that!

This sweet little guy is my NEW kitty BEAU.......and You'll be seeing a LOT more of him!

Glad to have my internet back,,,,,,,and will TRY to catch up!

Have a Great weekend! Hugs, Love and a Purrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!



  1. We missed you but it sounds as though you got things done. I sit with the TV on at night and the computer in front of me. I miss great shows sometimes cuz of this darn computer. Anyway, good to hean from you.
    Hugs, cm

  2. What a handsome addition to your home. Have you thought of a use for cat hair? If so please pass it on. Surely their is a market for the bags and bags I could collect.


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