Friday, October 5, 2012

Anne Lory's (From Fiona and Twig) posted this sign from the Shows in Fredricksburg, Texas today,,,,,and I absolutely LOVE IT!! Some days, when I make things, I think, "Will anyone like THIS?" And then I stop and think,  well, I like it,,,,,,,and that's okay! If something I create, buy, love doesn't attract "the masses" because it isn't "On Trend," I've learned that's okay......because I Loved creating, buying, displaying it! You might love Blue,,,or Red. Not me so much. But I LOVE that you love Blue or Red,,,or Purple or  whatever.(My Mom loved blue,,,,,I think I got and overdose,,,and my Oma, my Grandmother, loved Orange)!  As my Friend Kelly once said, "It's a good thing I don't love everything, I'd be in trouble!! 

So, I make things I love,  mostly in Colors and Textures and themes I love,,,,,And I guess that's why you stop by,,,,unless of course you just  think, "I could make that in BLUE!" or you just like to stop by anyway.......Anyway.... a few new things I added to Etsy today....My Studio AND my livingroom  looks like Christmas Blew UP right about now......Alas, Creativity has once again taken precedence over Cleanliness!!!

Fun LITTLE vintage Tart Tins with little Vintage Angels, Sheet Music and various Embellishments.....Not sure WHERE I got these little Angels  or these tiny tins (Garage Sale or from a friend?) Too fun to put them all together...............

And at this point,,,you might be saying, "Shell? Another Snowman Box? " They've been fun to make and because I have the Cr** still all over,,,,,,,What's one or two more?

Side View,,so you can see the Polka Dots........

and the Fun little sign..........

Just Go to the Linky for Pinterest on the Top of my Sidebar if you want to see more!

Back To Joyworks tomorrow,,,,,We've been SO busy in the store the last couple of weeks! The clothing area has grown in inventory (Including some Larger Sizes XL's, 1X and 2X's with some REALLY cute stuff) If you are local, stop by and see us,,,,,,Great new Home and Holiday Decor and accessories/jewerlry too!

Have an AWESOME Weekend,,,,Whatever you do!Loving these "Dogs Days of Summer" here in Washington!!

Hugs, Love and a "Polka Dot" Bus!!


  1. Hi Shell, I understand how you feel about few comments coming in... I experience that too and I wonder why, some blogs get SO many comments and the post may not be that great... hmmm, anyway, I enjoy your blog, love your crafts and hope you don't go... I guess it depends what we want from our blog, though we all like to know that we are liked, in the end, for me, my blog is a sort of personal journal and I hope that along the way, people will enjoy what they see. Hope you stay, Love your snowmen, they are just precious. Happy Sunday
    Ciao for now...

  2. I just found your sweet blog..and I have the same issue..but I've been lax in creativity postings due to soooooo many parent issues. Hoping that is kind of all settled now. People still stop by just don't take the time to comment sometimes and maybe weather will help that.
    You have adorable little creations here have enjoyed peeping about. Good Luck

  3. Oh those little angel tarts are so cute! Just love them. Hugs!

  4. glad you are still blogging! I know what you mean about comments being fuel to keep us going so I p[ormise to comment more when I pop in!!! Hugs...


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