Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Bit of Holiday Decorating..........And Read on for Info on a Giveaway from Krys Kirkpatrick

HI! Hope you are having a good week! If you're a Washingtonian, you KNOW it rained liked we all had our Arks Built,,,,ready to Shove off into uncharted Waters!  Well, I didn't have an Ark, BUT the time I was GOING to spend in my Studio was literally overshadowed by RAIN and some Flooding in the North Corner of my Studio...Ackkk!  To say it Rained HARD is truly an understatement.  And my poor Shadow Dog thought the world was coming to an end, when a BIG old Clap of Thunder Rolled through!When the Seatlle area News breaks into scheduled programming and talks about RAIN, you KNOW it's a Big Deal! Because we basically get more rain than anyone or anyplace on the planet, SO-if they're talkin' about the rain here,,,,,,,it IS a BIG DEAL!

So, what's a gal do? Beside throw on her hip waders and head down to her Craft Table??? She Cleans and Decorates! I'm still tweaking and there's a peek of my Christmas Tree,,,,but primarily, I got the Mantle done!

Here's an overview,,,,,,,I'll shoot more pics of the tree later,,,,,,,,I'm still "tweaking it a bit........

Cherubs and Angels,,,,,,,

Pearls, Pine Cones, and Mercury Glass

Glass Beads and Mica.......

I've been collecting Angels and Cherubs for quite a while. I had fun "glittering up" some vintage pieces I had on hand with Mica and adding them to the Mantle........I just painted the pieces with "The Ultimate Glue" and covered with the Mica. Too fun !

The Pine Cones-delivered to my stoop by some "mysterious Giver", seemed to make everything "Pop" as did Cedar boughs from my yard.....

Not quite done with the tree,,,,,so I'll share more photos in the next couple of days.

Okay,,,,,,a quick Edit/Addendum to this post! Krys Kirkpatrick of "Bunnies By the Bay" fame is having a Giveaway on her blog! Darling papercrafted houses! Ackkk~Krys needs a whole post all on her own here,.....She is SO lovely, SO talented and hasn't been in Blogland long, but Trust ME,,,,,you MUST check out her BLOG and enter her Giveaway,,,,,,,which Ends Friday! She truly is, so gifted, so talented, THE BEST of the BEST! Extrodinary Artist, World Reknown and this whole venture is a NEW chapter in her life after her sucesses with "Bunnies by the Bay." ,,,,,,So, stop over and see the awesome things she's creating now! Truly, she is an extrodinary artist and delightful person,,,,,Stop on over ,,,and maybe you'll win one of her  unique treasures!!!
Hurry on Over, Ends December 10th!

Tomorrow,,,,,ahem, come Hell or Highwater, Little old me is back in the Studio!

Enjoy your Week!
Love, Hugs and a a Holiday "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. Oh just beautiful Shell - love the mantel AND the tree! So elegant! Can't wait to see more pictures.

  2. Truly a house of Bling! and Sparkle! and warm friendship! despite the rain!!!!

  3. You are looking so lovely here, Shell. I love it! I want to get home and start decorating.

    I adore Bunnie's By the Bay and didn't even know she was still around Must get over there!


  4. love the mica cherubs! you are sooo stinking talented. you are such a sweety.

  5. WOW Shelly, your mantel and decorating is Heavenly. It could be a magazine spread! Gorgeous! Oh my it sounds like you have really had a ton of rain, hope your studio didn't come to any harm!
    Stay warm and DRY !!!!
    hugs Lynn


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