Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joyworks Christmas Party,,,,,Part 2.........Kim's House!

So,,,,,,If you read Yesterday's post, you know we Joyworks Gals had 2 Christmas parties, One at Luanne's house (previous post) for a Tour of HER lovely Home and Appetizers, and Then,  we moved on to her daughter Kim's-for Dinner, Games, More Merriment and Mayhem!

Kim's house, was gorgeous too, of course!  The dining room table was set and ready for Dinner......Look at Kim's gorgeous table!

And,,,,look at those DARLING Favors! Ackkkkkk!!

Too Stinkin' Cute! Kim made all these DARLING Snowmen for each of us,,,,,and Mom, Luanne, made the darling Felt Hats!

Kim's  whole House was just as Festive and Cute as her Mom's!

Check out all the Joyworks Gift Swaps around the Tree! Ackkk!

Tons of Snowmen on the Tree, and this Face, just made me Smile!

Well, I don't know who loves Kitties more- Me, or Jill,,,,,,,,Kim's Kitty Leo, wasn't the LEAST bit put out by having all these women in the house! His presence was VERY much noted throughout our Festivities!!!

So, after a GREAT dinner,,,,,,,,once again, we played our annual Dice Game........ ( I was too busy eating take any pics! Awesome Dinner though!!!!!) So,,,,the "Dice Game"........

Our Annual Gift and Dice Game.....(Sandi-Checkin' out the Loot!)

Luanne's Selection-First Round,,,,,,But Will She get to Keep it????

Ahh,,,,,,,,the Annual Embellished Sweatshirt.......it just keeps getting Better and Better! More Bling, more add-ons! Who will end up with it THIS year and what will they ADD for the Next recipient??????

I Got Jill's Gorgeous package the first round and it was TRULY to die for! But,,,,alas, I didn't get to KEEP it! (All is fair in Love and the Annual Dice Game!)

This may be one of my "Worst Photo's Ever!" I totally forgot to take a pic of the Bird I bought at SILVER BELLA from Lisa Dailey....a one of a kinder,,original,,because she SOLD OUT of all her originals in like 10 minutes, Vendor Nite in Omaha.....I'd decided it would be a fun Joyworks Party Gift,,,,and I made a  Retro Christmas box that it was SUPPOSED to fit into.....Clarice ended up with my Gift.
Ackkkkk! Partial Image of Lisa Dailey's Bird on the Left,,,,and the Retro Container I made to Hold it.......Oops! Sorry, NOT great images or either!

Clarice gave each of us TONS of Goodies for Christmas
Including these fun Mercury Glass Buckets full of Holly!

And, she also gave us all these darling "Joy" plates! Too cute!

Sandi made everyone these Wonderful Bird Ornaments! Too G-Darn Cute,,,,,with Silver Glitter, Burlap and handmade tags..I LOVE it Sandi,,,,,,,thanks!

I also made Custom "Stocking's" for the Gang...Complete with Candy, a Lottery Ticket and a Pipe Cleaner "Candy Cane."
Then, we gave Clarice her Present from ALL OF US this year......Lots of Cashmere,,,,,,and warm Silken "woolies."

I created these Goodies to tie onto her Packages! Shoot,,,, I lost the photo of Clarice opening her Gifts!

We ALL had a GREAT time though....again, a nite to remember! Truly, I look forward to this Joyworks Party and Celebrating the holidays with ALL the Special women I work with! Thanks to Kim and Luanne for opening your homes to ALL of us ,,,,it was magical and Wonderful!

Hugs, Love and a BUS to all of you,,,,,,and with SPECIAL regards to THIS post, especially all the wonderful, loving, caring, creative and delightful women I have the HONOR of working with at Joyworks!  You are all my extended family  and My love and admirations goes out to ALL of YOU!  I cannot imagine my life without all of you!


PS,,,,,,,,(I've been crafting like a Maniac! You should See my Coffee Table,,,,or Maybe NOT so much!) Still flooding here,,,,my Studio included!~)


  1. What a fun time, you must have had. Love all the gifts and goodies!
    love ya,

  2. I need to come out there so I can come to a party lol You look like you had so much fun!! I am jealous, I have stuff I want to make but cant pass up a catalog order that is very boring after 5 years of making the same stuff...but its money... lol I love the box you made for your bird, what a great way to store it. Now you need to make a box to store your box in lol. hugs JoAnn

  3. Wow you girls know how to have a party. I think I said that the last time you posted one of your parties. I believe it was a birthday party.
    Truly a wonderful night you all had together. I love everything she did to her home plus all the cute pieces she gave you girls. I so wish I worked for someone like her. lol
    You deserve it though and I am happy for you!
    How is LuLu doing?
    Love ya


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