Saturday, December 11, 2010

OWOH Blog Event......Joyworks Party and Giveaway Change

Okay, so, I've got about 2 minutes to post and then I'm hittin' the Glue Gun! Got a few projects to finish for tomorrow's Joyworks Holiday Extravaganza! Also known as our  Store's Christmas Party! Tooooo fun!  Can you tell I'm excited?????

So, TWO things,,,,,,First, my Giveaway Posts from yesterday? Well I decided that I shouldn't just let those that entered the last one enter THIS I'm opening it up to Anyone. Hit yesterdays posts and post a comment if you want, anyway! I'll add two more Paper ornaments,,,,as to even things out in the process........So, I'll give away a total of 5.......instead of 3. Hope this makes sense! More prizes,,,,and anyone can enter. Just leave a comment on Yesterday's Post.

Shew! I type super fast, but I still think that took more than two minutes to explain~!

And ALSO?????? Are you familiar with the One World One Heart Event  (also known as OWOH) that Lisa Swiftka has held for the last four years???? My Blogfriend Jill (Untie the Ribbons) posted about the Event today and I saw it while briefly perusing my sidebar and this is ONE event you should REALLY check out this year, if you've never done so. It is the 5th and final year according to Lisa.

I'll post a link on my sidebar, it doesn't start until the 30th of January,,,,,,and it runs until the 17th of February. You know WHY??? Because last year, there were OVER 1,000 bloggers around the WORLD who took part. Every participant has a GIVEAWAY during this event!

Last Year? I "won" or was given treasures from at Least 5 different bloggers, worldwide! One from Scotland, one from Ontario and several others from the US....Including,,,,TA DA! A prize from my Friend JILL mentioned above!!! I love the pin she sent me! Too fun, but even MORE fun was the friendship she and I have formed as a result of this Event! I'm going to meet her "in the flesh" in Atlanta in March! I can't Wait!!!!

So, yes, I won some great prizes, "met" a lot of people" and visited some great Blogs, some of which I follow now on a regular basis! But more importantly, I think, is to connect with one or two people you may meet from this event.....That, who knows? You may form a lifetime bond with!

So,,,,Mark you calendar, head over early to Lisa's blog and sign up if you're a blogger and you want to participate! It is TOO fun!

Okay,,,,,so, I'm Waaaaaaay over my allotted time for this post! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and be sure and check back on Monday to see the pics from the Joyworks Party!!!!!! Ackkkkkkkk!!!

Hugs, love and a Quick Bus on the Cheek!


  1. Shelly, OWOH sounds like such fun! I am on my way to check it out now. Best of luck with the Extravagaza.

  2. I just heard about this OWOH... How can this be that I missed it last year? ;) Geez...

    I'm having my own giveaway, I would love it if you came by to enter! Im headed over to check out yours, now!! :)

  3. Not sure I caught all of that because you were so excited when you wrote this post. hahaha
    Ok count me in. and yes I will put you on my sidebar
    Love ya

  4. Thanks for sharing about OWOH. Going over to check it out now.


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