Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Day After the Day After,,,,,,Custom Order and Crafting again!

Hi Kids! Hope you all had a GREAT Christmas and are enjoying this interlude prior to the New Year's Festivities! Frankly, my Brain is buzzing with thoughts of ("Shut UP-She didn't say Valentines Day or mention the Ruffles and Rust Event in February") upcoming Events. And yesterday? I had a RUSH request for a  Custom Top Hat headband for a Wedding on New Years Eve,,,,,,,in,,,,,,,,,Hawaii!!
Wedding? On New Years Eve? In Hawaii? I think I'm living wrong! LOL

So today, I commissioned, Marla, my Muse, to Model said custom Headpiece!

Honestly? Based on her attitude, you would THINK I was flying her to Hawaii to deliver it!

Yeah, well, Maybe we'll BOTH get our Big Break AFTER I get a Camera that takes better Pics and has a MUCH Better Color rendition!!!

I'm SO buying a new Camera in the next couple of weeks!
Thanks "Santa Clarice" for my Bonus!!!

(Fun Chatting and Emailing with many of you the last couple of Days! I hope you all  (Ya'll) have a good week!)

Hugs, Love and a Bus,,,,,and Aloha!


  1. Shell, The new top hat is adorable! If you need someone to hand deliver it to Hawaii I'm your girl.

  2. Hey there Shell, LOVE your darling top hats. They are just the cutest, congrats on your "fame" with them. Also loved seeing your boys making cookies and fudge. I agree these are great memory making experiences.
    Hope you had the best Christmas,
    love ya,

  3. The little wall mart image says it all for me !!!tee hee. First of all lay of the Christmas goodies and second of all stay at home and shop on etsy which I did !!

  4. Just gorgeous, all your toppers are! I have some catching up to do, and wishing you a Happy new year! Now if my nose would stop running I would be able to read without dripping all over my key board...sorry for the image,


  5. What a beautiful and functional piece! Overall fab blog too! Can you pleae put me in the box with the headband before shipping? Pretty please?

  6. A wedding in Hawaii- don't you need to deliver that gorgeous topper?!!! Hope you had a special holiday dear Shell - we did, but I am glad that it is behind us - so much being busy!

    Did I say earlier - I simply adore your holiday blog banner!

    Happy New Year my friend - I am looking forward to another year of your adventures and wonderful stories - (I live vicariously through you!)


  7. Oh and one more thing - that Walmart photo - OMG!!! Hilarious!



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