Saturday, June 18, 2011

Problems with Frontier Communications? Anyone? Is this thing ON?

Please READ and Respond Here or on FACEBOOK if you have a FRONTIER Account..........
(Aka Nightmare communications)

Okay,,,,I THINK maybe I've grasped  that last STRAW! I tried to log on (Again) after work,,,lemme see, that was at about 5:40/6:00pm??? And my computer went into basically "sleep" mode... I couldn't log on for HOURS,,,,again,,,,,and again and again!.....until JUST now....and I then, checked my Facebook and my friend Todd Waddell asked me about a Farm Chicks Photo I took......

(Katie Kay, Maxine and Todd)

Well, Facebook uploaded the PIC and I posted it, but I couldn't even Type a message~! Ackkk!

And this is JUST my computer stuff,,,,,,,I have a Bundle! HA! Phone/Internet and TV,,,don't even get me started on the TV where I have to shut everything down because the sound quits,,,,,and I have to disconnect everything and reconnect everything.......Trust me, I've talked to techies for the TV and the Computer and WHY am I paying an arm and a leg for this nightmare??????

IF YOU have any Frontier issues,,,,please let me know, here or on Facebook......We need to ask for price adjustments....for all this baloney!

Hugs, Love and a Happy Father's Day tomorrow! I have NO Dads in my life, well unless I count my brother....I think there should be a "Both" Parents Day,,,,,as I played both roles and am sure I'm not alone!

Okay,,,,,Happy Thoughts! Love you all!
G-Darn communication companies anyway!


  1. We don't have Frontier internet but we used to have phone service through frontier but quit that and now have Surewest. I have heard so MANY complaints about Frontier internet . . .

  2. Hey Shell,
    I'm a comcaster...think it's time for you to take your bundle somewhere else? ;) Thanks for visiting Garden Party, Summer this week!


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