Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day from HE......Double Hockey Sticks! Ackk!

So? Last nite, I found out my mom's BF Helen (91) got a bite from her POM last week.,,,,when Helen woke up in the middle of the nite to go to the Loo,,,,,aka Water Closet......and as she stepped out of her bed, she landed on her BF, "Mikey" and well, suprised little furball that he was,,,,,,he BIT her.

Long story Short, Helen got a bad infection from the Bite,,,,,and ended up in the Hospital......Where I visited her today! She's 5ft nothin', a former gymnist,,,,,,alligator Hunter and one of the most interesting people you could ever meet! I stayed with her for several hours today,,,,and after they examined he infected foot, She did a maneuver,,,that many of US 50 somethin' gals could only dream of! I swear, she could have wrapped that leg around her neck,,,,,she's so flexible!

Came home and tried to log on only to fail after abour 4 attempts and spending,,,,,,I kid you NOT, HOURS with a Techie, Cindy, from Frontier........I of course, do NOT blame her, but I have had TONS of log on problems,,TV problems,,,,since Verizon cheked out........

I've decided after Cindy FINALLY helped me log back on that I'll tell my "Boys" I want them to name my first Grandaughter after's only right, given her patience and help.........

And THEN? I loaded up the dogs and figured I'd hit the last of the Farmer's Market,,,,,only to see them close everything down...Okay,,,,it was a BIT late,,,,,and hopefully they sold all there stock,,,,,,and those last couple of slices of Gourmet Pizza I've come to love.........

So,,,Before Shell heads home,,,,,,,she hits the Best Mom and Pop Drive in in town,,,,,,a "short order of their Fish and Chips for Me,,,,,,,and a SMALL cone for the dogs....ONLY,,,,I let my food off the Break,,,,,,,And,,,my little Focus "kissed" the Bumper of the HUGE deluxe SUV in front of me........I actually thought, initially,,,,,it was kind of Funny, because I almost didn't feel it.....And then the "Soccer Mom" from HE... came out and looked at her bumper,,,,,,and I did Too,,,,,and said she THOUGHT MAYBE there was a scratch in her pearlized Paint Job......So I gave her my Info,,,,,,,,and as she's writing it all down, she's telling me she's Divorcing her Husband,,,,,,,,the,,,,,,,,Tada.....Insurance Adjuster......

Well knock your socks off Missy,,,,,truly, I didn't SEE any damage,,,,and any "Scratches" in your pearlized paint job could have been put there by the Body builder you had rub out your last wax Job.......

So,,Not a fun day,,,,,well other than "Little" Helen made me laugh in the Hospital........I guess having a sense of Humor gets us through a lot!~ Again,,,,,,,,Pssssst, Thanks to Cindy at Frontier,,,,,,your job may be a pain in the arse at times,,,,,,,but YOU my dear were great! And to the SUV MOM?,,,,,,,I hope you figure out what is important in this life,,,,,and what isn't! That might have saved your Marriage too,,,who knows?

Goin' "Junkin" a bit tomorrow,,,,,,great stress reduction! Have a Great Friday!

Hugs, Love, a heavy sigh, laugh and a Bus on the Cheek for those that HAVE figured out what is important.......and what is not!

(Prayers for Helen, to get back home SOON! She's too fun, to feisty and generally to healthy to do otherwise!)


  1. OMG you poor thing! I hope today is better!

    I called you back and left you a message so gimme a ringy dingy when you have time!


  2. I don't know if it helps any...but you make ME smile , (and I am sure others as well)

    Hope you find some good junk today!!


  3. Awww Shell, and after that day, you still left a msg on my phone last night about getting me help to load for 2 Satz! Hoping Helen gets back to better-than-ever, and the soccer mom? Hope she discovers soon that this life is way too short...she sounds like a sad get out there and junk away!
    Hug ;)

  4. what an emotional rollercoaster for you!!!! hope you get some great 'junk' today! AND that the weather improves!!

  5. I should have come here first today and then your post woud have kept me smiling all day!!!! You are so funny! I hope Helen does get better soon, that is not funny......neither is Blogger lately, what's up with it...I can't leave comments half the time any more...but at least today it was cooperating!!!
    Margaret B


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