Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lulu's Giveaway and Back at Work! And Friends,,,,Near and Far, Old and New

Happy Saturday! I really had fun today going back to work at Joyworks after a couple weeks off! I KNOW I'm blessed to have a place I Love to work in and work with a special group of ladies! Lots of FUN new stuff in the Goodies in the store! Joyworks Link

Lulu's Giveaway(s),,,,,Marie Buckle.........and a Spooky one to boot..........

Just stop by her blog and leave a Comment to Enter! Coastal Sisters    Hurry Ends Monday at 7:00pm Eastern Time!........

Yesterday afternoon I Finally had a chance to catch up with my BBFF Lulu of Coastal Sister's fame!~ She's been hoppin'! Shows & Classes all over the place/Visiting family and it was fun to hear about a BIT of what she's been up to! I've been busy,,,but Oh my Stars...But she's REALLY been Busy!

We're Both playing Catch up right now.......But stop on over and Enter if you'd like to win one of these fun pieces!

Chat soon,,,,,took me forever too boot up again  and post this tonite! Have a great Sunday!
Love, Hugs and a "Coastal Bus!"

(A Long PS....Little Helen,(91) is back home,,,,,both she and dog "Mikey" are doin' fine! She's a trooper! And, well, Mikey is spoiled ROTTEN! Next time I head over I'll have to take pics of Mikey,,,,he truly looks like a Star Wars Ewok....Dark Brown,,,almost Black with White Rings around his eyes.....Never saw a Pom like THAT before!) Thanks for your well wishes, prayers and Thoughts! She always talks about wanting to "Check out at times"-since my mom is now gone and THEiR Fav Soap "Guiding Light" was cancelled. But I told her tonight she's gotta stick around for Mikey for a bit,,,,,and her sense of Humor is good for at LEAST another decade or so,,,,My mom will wait,,,they can catch up later! That's what Friends Do!)

I've caught up with a FEW blog friends lately,,,,and even a few old school and neighborhood friends Via Facebook that I haven't talked to in years.....People you connect with for various reasons,,,,,that touch your heart, those that make you smile/think/dream and grow-encourage you, and no matter HOW far,,,,or how often you get to talk or write,,,they just hold a special place in your life. That would include some of YOU! Hope to catch up soon!)


  1. Thanks Honey for posting about my Giveaway! It will be the last one I do until the end of the summer since I am up to my *insert Coo Coo Clock noise here* in work!


  2. hmmm...I always wonder about what "pieces" must mean... you guys are so funny!

    i am glad your little helen is back home, shell. hope she will stay around longer! indeed, we need some better soap opera's for her.

    we had lots of excitement last night. i will try to get it on the board today. we are both soooooo tired. part from partying and part from a little crisis with the dogs. more to both stories...

    thanks for your long note the other day shell. sending you a ginormous hug and a tired bus on the cheek!!



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