Monday, June 20, 2011

"Heading" into Summer...Garden "Crowns, etc.

I woke this Morning at 5:00am- made a pot of coffee and grabbed my trusty Glue Gun.....Started out making about a bazillion cupcakey pics...and then I started thinking Garden......and Summer and well, How about Summer Garden Crowns???

I had too much fun making this one!
Neutral Moss, Tulle, Vintage flowers, lace, shells and pearls......


Maybe this one was a BIT inspired by some upcoming Weddings......I think it would be fun for a casual wedding,,,,but it would be fun to throw on a piece of statuary or embellished with LIVE flowers........

And of Course, since Shell is ADD personified, I had to jump from the Neutral one into a sea of BRIGHTS!

Marla, my Muse, is sporting a Bright Garden Crown......Complete with Mushrooms....only appropro, since we've had such a RAINY Spring!

Dark Green Moss,,,,Sparkly Tulle, berries, leaves and Vintage Goodness abound! She's ready for the Solstice Party!!!!

Still feeling somewhat "Heady," I remembered what my Co-worker Sandi said when she stopped in with her Grandaughter this weekend and was looking at my stuff, "Shell, you need to make headbands with these lace rosettes." So,,,,,I made a few of those today as well!
Neutrals......Lace/Tulle/Muslin and "Poils" aka Pearls
Sorry this shot is a bit weird,,,,,,,LOL.....

I'll make a few more of these Neutral pieces.....I think the gals at my hair Salon will like them too! Good idea Sandi! 

So Tomorrow? On Tuesday? WE ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE SUN! Okay,,,,I wouldn't normally shout about it,,,,,,but it IS the first official Day of Summer and us Western Washington folks? Have had THE wettest, coldest Spring on record EVER! 

Don't mind us if we're all doin' the Happy Dance! That sounds like a Video waiting to happen! Happy Summer All,,,,,,,

Hugs Love and a "please oh please!" Sunny Bus!


  1. Lovely work Shell!!!

    I will send you sun if you will send me rain!! Trade!



  2. Shell,
    You are just a Rock Star! I am dazzled! I think they are so creative. What a great gift for a summer birthday girl! Got my friend, Donna, from Silver Bella here and we are going to hit all the cool stores and sales and have a blast.It's rainy and wet but who cares.
    A big Minnesota hug and a wet bus on the cheek,

  3. Well now, I think there ought to be a law against having THIS much fun!!!


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