Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farm Chicks,,,,Part Deux

Sunday Morning, Mary and I headed back for "Round Two" of Farm Chicks. It was a BIT less hectic and offered a few more photo ops! As far as Booth Designs go, I'd have to say  it was a Toss up for me for Favorite Booths,,,,,Vintage Charm's Booth,,,Complete with "Designer Chickens" in a DRESS form,,,,I know,,,,,Shut up!

Where I ran into my friend Rene' Groom.......and also bought the CUTEST shopping tote EVER! Ackkk!
Check it OUT!

My fun, Grain Sack Shopping tote.....Love it!

But right across the way was THIS darling booth! I loved everything about it........
A little bit Whimsey, a little bit Country, a bit of Romance........

Too Cute,,,,,I'll be following their blog and if you'd like to Check it out here's the Linky  Lipstick Gypsy

I also stopped by "Blue Canoe." They come up from Southern California every year and have the most amazing Antiques and hand crafted items! I picked up a little "Somethin,' somethin.'

If it's got Cherubs or Wings,,,,,,I've gotta have it!

Last year,,,,,,I bought a Dress form at Farm Chicks from a gal that uses the old French technique.......She explained to me at the time that the dress makers re-created a 3D form of their clients to produce clothing to size. I tried to get a Business Card from her,,,,a Internet site, an Email,,,,you name it. But she doesn't "DO" all that. So I hoped and prayed that she'd be at the show again THIS year. I wanted another one for my Art Studio. I didn't find her on Saturday, last year she was by Deb's Garden Party booth.

BUT,,,,,,I did find her on Sunday and I was SO excited to see her and buy another dress form!

Here's Sharon, hiding a bit behind my purchase.......Love it! This one covered in a French pattern. So here's the deal.........I want to get Sharon to come over to Snohomish and give a Class. If you are interested ,,,,,and you SHOULD be if you're local......leave me a comment or send me an Email! How fun would it be?
Well, right after I left Sharon's booth, I fell in love with the ultimate "Party Dress." No,,,it won't fit my middle aged bod,,,but it WILL be cute in my Studio!


And, well, then.......Shell found a bit of Whimsey. here and there.....Fun things to use on Birthday Hats, Boxes, Crowns and the likes........I'm somewhat embarrased to say I got a whole bag of Japanese "Whimsey" for $2 Bucks..... And check out the "GIANT" Ballerina's and Clown heads.....Not your standards,,,,they are HUGE! I wish she would have had more of the Ballerinas!....And yeah, I know, the Clowns are a BIT creepy,,,,,,,and yet....

I love these Pink Beetles from Japan.....well, ya know, it's the LITTLE things!
I found this fun Collar Box at one of the Vendors I found last year.....kind of ironic that you gravitate towards certain Spaces.....

This old Rusty Car was a Whoot! I loved the colors that they embellished it with!
Side View......

How FUN would this old Car be in your Yard???
I liked the "Cleaning in Progress" sign too,,,,,Perhaps I should put it on my porch,,,,,that way, people would ignore the Clutter and THINK I was actually Cleaning! HA!

A few last photos of Friends and Fellow Vendors......There are many I missed! Love you all and BIG thanks for making it such a GREAT SHOW!

My Friend Linda-Crafter/Junker/Antiquer helping out her Artistic  Fabric artist, Jo Marie........

The Sweet and talented Joy of "Auntie Joy," Pictured here with "Mr. Joy." Their booth was Hoppin'! Always fun to see what they're up to!

The Multi-talented and Dear Isabel from Maison Douce'........Always a Show Favorite and one of the BEST! This woman keeps more balls in the air than anyone I know! Juggling Family, Shows, Junkin' and crafting,,,,,,A-Mazing!

Her Accomplice, Friend and Partner Lisa from "A Thing For Roses."  Always LOVE to see these two, whether we are doing a Show together,,,,or whether I'm buying their goodies! I met Lisa through Blogland long before I met her.....Love her to pieces! I don't think I've EVER seen her without a smile!

There were TONS of other Vendors and Shopper friends that I WISH I would have gotten photos of. This was the FIRST show in a long time that I just attended......didn't have a  Vendor space! And yes, it WAS my vacation! The elegant Hotel, Quality time with my Sis-in-Law....the Shopping, the Time off from Joyworks, from orders pending and plans for future Classes and Shows.

Today, I organized my Studio a BIT.....partially in preperation for Karen's "Where Blogger's Create" Event, and partially to add the bits and bobs I bought at the show.......

Tomorrow,,,,I'll hit the ground running, finishing some orders, sending some packages and goodies that I've put off after doing 2 Shows, being Sick and leaving Town...So if you don't have it, you WILL soon!

Hope you're having a great week! I'm feeling inspired and directed.......Leave a LINK if you'd like about YOUR Farm Chicks experience! I'd love to share!


Hugs, Love and a BUSY but directed Bus on the Cheek!


  1. You got some great stuff, Shelly!!! Always good to see you too...!!!

  2. oh that looks like so much fun, I talked to my gal friends tonight, I'm sendiong them your link so they can see what its all about. planning our trip for next year I hope.
    hugs Lynn

  3. Hi Shelly, I just went through you posts and now I want to go back! Great photos!
    How did I miss those chickens?!
    It was nice to see you again this year. You stayed in the fancy hotel, I was at the airport. Maybe next year I will move on up!
    See you next year~xoxo~SueBee

  4. Hi Shell,

    Seriously...finally caught our breath, after our return from Farm Chicks, whew....what a ride! Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for the sweet mention of Lipstick Gypsy and linking us! We loved meeting you and don't be surprised if we take you up on your generous offer of accomodating us on our junk travels over your way! ;) We also are extremely pet friendly and would love to meet your menagerie...we would even sleep with them if need be! ;) Do keep in touch, follow us and we will follow you, and hope it is sooner than later that we meet again!!

    Peace, Love, and Gypsies
    Robin & the Gypsy Crew


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