Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Memories and thoughts on Ireland

Several years ago, I found out I had two half-sisters! Both of whom were born in Germany. We shared the same Irish Catholic bio-dad, and interestingly enough our mother's were both German born.

I had the chance to go and meet them about 8 years ago now. My how time flies! My sister Patty moved to Ireland when she was a teen. She's lived there ever since!

This is a picture of Bunratty Castle, near Shannon that my sister and I visited on my arrival to Ireland. Much more primative and sparse than those I visited in France and Germany!

My Sister Patty works at a Cheese Monger's Shoppe in the English Market in Cork (Kind of a smaller version of Seattle's famous "Pike Place Market, while attending college courses (they are FREE in Ireland,,,what a concept!) She's a bit okay,,,a lot bohemian. Even lived for a while in Gypsy Caravan's and made her own "Nappies" (diapers) and knit "Jumpers" (sweaters for my two nephews.)

Cliffs of Moher,,,Gorgeous! There was even an Irish Tenor singing Folk tunes as you walked up the path!

Ireland was wonderful and gorgeous! The people are very friendly. And the dogs? You think the French hounds have the life? In Ireland, dog is king! They run freely in small villiages play openly on the beaches. Oh to be a dog in Ireland!!!

One of these days, I hope to learn how to scan pictures and will put them on my other blog about my family and childhood.

Oh and I'm not a beer drinker, but when in Ireland, I ordered a Guiness in honor of my Oldest, Sean,,,,,while his Aunt/Uncle and cousins ordered AMERICAN beers! (Not to mention mine took about 15 minutes to "sit" before being served!)

And,,,note to self, next time-DO NOT try and get in on the right side of the Taxi at the Airport,
"Ah, you'll be drivin' now will you?"
My driver, a comedian!

Happy St Patty's tomorrow, to those of you of Irish decent and those of you that just WISH you were!!(And psssssssst. WE all eat corned beef and cabbage,,,,they don't so much, I got teased quite severely one year calling and saying,,,,,,,"Guess what we're eating?"

Hugs and still have the crud and trying to keep my sense of humor!
Shell (Ryan/Flanigan)


  1. Oh! Ireland...I have never been there, but have been to England twice. I would love to go to Ireland..it just seems so magical..
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and congratulating me! The dolls arrived at the gallery yesterday and I am assuming she will have them on the shelves ASAP. I won't be coming to Washington...no openings on this. I wish I could come see Seattle area though...my husband says it is lovely.
    I hope you are enjoying looking around the Marie site! I can't wait to trade with you there!

  2. i would love to go to ireland one day...thanks for sharing your time there and your lovely pics...

  3. Hi there,
    Yes I think we are fighting the same crud as you call it.
    Love the baskets!!
    I hope I can go to Ireland, England, France, and Italy. I just have to get brave and get on the plane. (Hate flying)
    Feel better,


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