Friday, March 26, 2010

Gallery experience, Blog friends and Community...or kind of how I got on this Carousel Ride!

Busy, fun AND productive Day!

I went to Art and Soul Gallery in Bothell (Country Village) and met with Susan who had contacted me about having some things in her gallery-with box of goodies in tow. I was actually kind of shy and nervous at first,,,,I know,,,ME, Shy? It's just kind of weird, like laying your creative soul on a marble slab and awaiting either adornment or slaughter......(again, I read way too many books!)

I didn't take any pictures in the Gallery, I didn't ask, but in the length of our conversation,  she mentioned as a courtesy to her artists work, she didn't allow pictures. Understandable!

This is ALL new to me, I've only been doing this type of Art/Crafting for about 8 months-after a darling couple I knew told me they were getting married, and I innocently asked, "What can I do for the wedding?" And my dear Lauren, the bride-to-be said, "Could you make me a cake topper?"

Well, I'd seen cake toppers that were to DIE for from Artisans like my friend Amada at "Over the Top Studios" or exquisite pieces from "Glitterbug" which I always admired, and loved. And then,my dear coworker and friend Jana, of Joyworks was there during the conversation and said, "Shell can do that." And my head spun a bit, but then I thought, "I'll give it a "go".

Andrew the Groom is the most gifted pianist I know. And Lauren, the Bride, sings like an Angel.
They've since moved to Nashville to persue their dreams,,,,,The cake topper below is what started the whole crafting/blogging thing.......So, there you have it,,,,it has just kind of escaladed from there! And I love doing it...So now? I'm in a Gallery,,,geesh!

So, today? I really enjoyed meeting her Susan. She has a myriad of Artists and mediums in her Gallery to chose from. Gorgeous Jewelry, Blown glass, "Marie" items, "Circus" items in mixed media, Altered Dolls,,,,,you name it! Truly, looking around at all the wonderful items she had, I felt honored to be part of her creative world! Although I thought I was consigning, she actually bought ALL the little goodies I brought,,,and we talked about some future ideas I have. Too fun!

Here's a few pics of what I brought.
Here's all the pieces....Cake topper, Crown, Rabbit box and some funky flowers

Alice Crown

Rabbit Box (Front)                               Back of Rabbit Box

Then I brought her I think 4 or 5 of these funky flowers in various colors/sizes,,,,,some on sticks ( I tried to do a panaramic shot of all of them above in my Banner,,,,,,ackkk something ELSE I need to WORK on,,,, a bit blurry!)

Also,sent goodie boxes out to  my mini-basket giveaway winners,,,,,Marsha and Julie Ann-Heather where are you?? You're going to end up with a May Day Basket instead of an Easter Basket if I don't get your addy, Missy! (Oh my, there is that Mother tone!)

Picked up some prizes for the Bonnet Contest next Saturday, after the Parade. Got cookies and Cupcakes for the Bonnet Makers, Some more supplies and  borrowed tools for tomorrow's  1st Annual Bonnet Making Session at the Snohomish Senior Center. I have to remember that tomorrow's event is NOT an art competition,,,,it's just a fun day getting the kids and the Seniors together! A bit of juice, frosting and hopefully some laughs and smiles!
I have stage fright,,,,,I just want everyone to have a good time!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Here is the thing - try as Imight - I could never, EVER, come up with the ideas that you have for creating. Some people have it - AND some (like me) don't. Youare an amazing artist, have a fabulous sense of creating and - seem like just such a nice lady. Best of the best of luck in your gallery show!


  2. You just never know when doors are going to open, Congrats on all your gallery pieces!

  3. Wow- your cake topper is just gorgeous!!! You're right up there with Amada! Glad you took on the challenge! :) What wonderful goodies you came home with :) Have a great time today!!

  4. Wow!!! That is so exciting! I am so very happy for you! Sorry about being MIA after your sweet message - I had blogger trouble. Thank you so much for your kind words, Kristin xo

  5. Your cake topper is just gorgeous!!!


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