Monday, March 1, 2010

It all started innocently enough,,,,,and Brag Monday

My bathroom was White and Green, with touches of Silver hardware. Then, one day, I stepped through the doors of Calico Corners, and I fell in love with this wonderful combination of fabrics and trims,,,,,,,,,and I knew there were curtains in the making!
I had fun making these curtains and they certainly livened up the bath!
So of course, I started adding a bit MORE Rosey Pink to the mix, including some signs that I had found in France.

Well, it grew rather exponentially, the Pink, the green and mermaids started being added to the mix. I LOVE mermaids. Have since as a child my mother told me the story of " Die Lorelei" a mermaid of folklore, that lived in the Rhine in Germany not  so far from where she was born.  The tale of the "Little Mermaid" has nothing on her,,,,,and in retrospect, it's primarily what the movie was based on. Lorelei was a legendary "siren" that lured sailors through her songs.

Well, as said, this bathroom scheme/theme has seemed to grow exponentially, and as as single gal, I have NO restrictions,,,,,,,so, over the top it is!

While working one day  recently at Joyworks, my boss Clarice showed me a wonderful shower curtain she had ordered for the store in white,(shown also in one of  Jana's latest blog posts- when I read that it was also available in PINK!  Or rather, more of a dark Raspberry Pink, that would be perfect for moi~!
Well, she special ordered it for me! (There is still one available, I believe, because she had to order two)I could have ironed it, but I kind of like that scrunched "crepe paper" kind of look. I may iron it out down the road, but I love it right now, as is!

Well,,,,,back to the Mermaids. . .Which leads me to artwork that Karen and the Graphics Fairy posted. And I fell in love with one of the images and decided I needed to embelish it and include it in my Girly/Funky/Fun Bathroom.


                                              This is my "Brag Monday" submission  that will now be part of my funky bath!Fun Graphics! Thanks once again Karen for all that you do for us!

(Marla, my mannequin head and Muse, informed me that she likes the current "digs" and is not so sure she wants to be put back down in my studio!)

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  1. How fun is that? What a bright little corner you've created! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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