Sunday, March 28, 2010

You've got to meet this wonderful lady and see her blog!

I first encountered Vicki through the whole One World One Heart Event. I "picked up" or "followed several blogs through the event. Vicki knits, yes, but she is SO much more than that! I truly felt drawn to her posts, her labors of love and, well her. Professionally, she's a neo-natal nurse,,,,how could you NOT admire her?

Vicki has recently redone her blog,,and it is a beautiful as she is! On the inside AND out! Please take a couple of minutes to stop by her blog and get to know her!  I think you'll be as delighted as I am in getting to know this remarkable and talented woman!

Hope you enjoy your visit as much as I have enjoyed getting to know her a bit!!!



  1. Shelly - I am just totally blown away by this sweet, sweet honor. You know I came so close to deleting that post after I had spent almost 3 hours on it. I thought it was too long, too sappy and maybe just to presumptuous on my part to think that people would even want to get to know me.

    You are always so kind to stop by and visit. I appreciate every single comment that you leave and you know I really understand the time involved in visiting blogs of others in bloglnd and then typing out a comment.

    I am looking forward to meeting your friends and followers and maybe making some more friends as well - that, of course is what it is all about. Meeting, and sharing, and enjoying what others do---.

    Thank you dear friend for sharing some of your attentions - on me. (I would be your newest follower - except that, I already am!)


  2. Vicki,
    As stated, I just felt an affinity towards you and your posts.......I have friends that reply regularly to my posts, but also a lot of "lurkers' in blogland. So I do no know who all will stop by, but I felt compelled by your blog and posts to share!
    Hugs and love,

    (I'm going to have the lovely and dear Karen help me re-do my blog when I'm done with my Easter obligations with the community/Chamber, this week! She is SO talented and is doing such a great job,,,,like YOUR new features!)

  3. I love Vicki. Her blog is full of encouragement and talent. She has a gentle soul and makes you feel like you have come home. God bless, Cathy

  4. What a sweet post I will of course have to check out her site.
    I just read your comment about coming to Texas for the Warrenton I told LuLu you girls come on there will be room on the North Forty somewhere..hahaha
    Love this song playing I have it on my site now and then too.
    We think a like

  5. Hey Shelly just read your sweet post on my site about my back. Yes your right I may have to do a massage thing or something. I never ever drink beer and I just had a half a glass with aspirin..hahaha
    Now I will probably just run to the potty all night or should I say crawl..hahaha
    Shelly I am so happy you like the Blogazine thing because didn't you agree to be the next one. I thought so...correct me if I am wrong...if not then send your story to
    sure would help my back to get your story...

  6. Shell, thank you so much for the kind words your left for me...i appreciate your support so much!!!

  7. Hey Shelly! I'm so bummed that I missed your giveaway. :( I have been so busy getting ready to reopen my shop and being sleep deprived that I am a worthless blogger at the moment. I love all the pretty things happening over here though! Yay!


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