Thursday, April 1, 2010

What to do with that leftover Easter Ham.....

Here's a quick and easy recipe that you can use for a Brunch, or all that leftover ham you have after Easter Dinner! My gathering is going to be small this year, so I'll just make these, a family favorite instead of buying a huge ham! Great with a fruit salad and duh, dessert!! (I may pull out the big guns on that one and make a Barefoot Contessa Coconut Cake this year!)

You can't really mess these up as long as you keep an eye on the Broiler!!

Open Faced Ham and Asparagas Sandwiches

Ham-thinly sliced and chopped
One Unsliced loaf of French Bread or Large baguette
Bunch of Asparagas
Freshly grated Parmeasan Cheese
Parsley (fresh or dried)
Thin sliced Swiss Cheese

Cook Asparagas (I steam it) and set aside

Mix appx 1 1/2 cups Ham with Mayo ( to about the same consistency you would for Tuna sandwiches,  add appx 1/4cup grated Parmeasan to this mixture and a bit of parsley. 

Tip: (These two steps can be done ahead of time and refridgerated if you'd like, to make preparation quicker just before serving!)
When getting ready to serve-
Preheat Broiler
Slice Bread on the Diagonal, appx 1/2 inch thick. (You won't be using the ends but you could broil anyway and use them as croutons)

Lay bread on a cookie sheet and toast JUST slightly under broiler on one side only. (They shouldn't  be allowed to brown,just color lightly!)
Remove from oven and turn over on untoasted side. Put two asparagas spears on each slice of bread.
Add a generous scoop of ham mixture to each.
Top with a slice of swiss cheese.
Broil till lightly golden.

Tada! Easy Cheesy!

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  1. This looks wonderful!

    We are staying home for Easter and having honey ham!! Yummy!!!

    What you are going to be doing?



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