Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kay's Birthday Party Today at Joyworks!

Any of you that have read my blog(s) for a while know that at Joyworks we LOVE to have a party! Generally there is a theme, as there was today for our dear and wonderful Kay's birthday! Happy Birthday and Happy Partytime Kay!
Kay love's Daisies, so that was the direction we went with her party this year!
This is a glimpse of the beautiful bouquet our boss (and friend) Clarice created for Kay.

And, I should add, Kay is a BIG Mariner Baseball fan! Our wonderful Jill-and I'd venture to say one of Kay's best friends,  provided her a bag full of goodies, including  primo tickets and of course, a Jersey from Kay's favorite Mariner Player!

(Pay no attention to the Daisy pinned to Kay's shoulder,,,,,,,,,,,the size of a Dinnerplate!)
She's a good sport!

You might notice that "little extra" sparkle in Kay's eyes when she talks about her favorite player!

Clarice always provides lunch for us gals for Birthday celebrations and today was no exception! We had lovely fruit and a wonderful mixed salad,,,,,,,and okay, Pizza today! Yumm!

Look at all the lovely flowers for Kay! Tulips from Amy in a darling polka dot pot and the gorgeous Gerbera daisies from Sandi,,,,and wonderful hydrangeas (in a really cute green pitcher from Penny.)
We ALL loved and admired the little plant starts (sweet peas and sunflowers) that Rita gave Kay,,,,,check out the presentation! How CUTE are THESE???
I made Kay the funky little "Flowered Covered Box" (below) using "repurposed" tissue, crepe paper, paper doilies and of course, glitter, vintage lace and new ribbon. It's kind of funky and irregular.
Kay is very precise and exacting, but she seemed to like it. . .
Of course, it came with some goodies like a Starbucks gift card, chocolate, etc.! I had fun making it...but a bit unconventional!
So, let's talk dessert! Jill, our baker extrodinaire, always lets us pick a cupcake for our Birthday Celebration and Kay chose the Peanut Butter and Chocolate from the Martha Stewart Cupcake book! I'm not a big Peanut butter fan, but they were very tasty Jill! Thanks again!
Make a Wish Kay!

And last, but Certainly NOT least, I missed our dear Sandi's birthday party a couple of weeks ago when I had the "plague." I wanted to go SO bad, and you've gotta know, I'm really sick when I miss a party! So, I also made a little birthday box for Sandi which I gave her today. Sandi loves Red, Cherries and Black and white,,,,so it wasn't too hard to make her a cute little birthday themed box! I used some fun vintage Cherries I found and some red Vintage Dominoes,,,,,,,That read 7 and 1,,,,,,you do the math, but she looks awesome!!!!

How cute is she? Of course, Sandi got some other belated goodies from me as well!

Fun afternoon! And to top it all off, the sun came out and it's been a gorgeous tease to Spring!

Tomorrow eve is my fun "Junk Swap Party" at Penny's house with 15 or so of the most wonderful/creative women you could wish to know! Life is rough sometimes............. not currently!

Hugs to all!


  1. What a fun party! You girls really know how to do things up right :)

    I know it's a long way away but I can't wait for us to go to Silver Bella!


  2. You are too funny! I ALWAYS think of YOU when I post my Joyworks party pictures! I know the world gets smaller all the time,,,and we talk on the phone, but how I wish you could be closer!!!

    Hugs and Pieces, always,

  3. Hey Shell, we did have a daisy of a day, so much fun !!! and a very Happy Birthday for Kay. Sending you Hugs for the wonderful heartfelt gift, looks great on my sprcial cherry shelf, you are so "creative" love, love my box and other special goodies !THANKS !!! xoxo cherry sandi

  4. Shelly - What a wonderful celebration of friendship! I can tell from all the smiles that you all had a wonderful time. That was so great of you all to give your friend that party - (mine is in July - will you give me a party too?)

    I do so love your blog!


  5. Shelly - Thanks so much for the pictures of my very, very fun party. What a special day - I absolutely loved everything - all of the beautiful flowers, the yummy lunch, the great cupcakes, and the special gifts from such good friends. I am so lucky to work with such a wonderful group of women! I finished up the day by going to a Mariners' game with my son and the M's even won the game - what a great day! THANKS!!!!

  6. love the red & black box. PERFECT gift... and how wonderful to have get=to=gethers! CREATIVE ones. lucky you


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