Thursday, April 22, 2010

Box of "Love" from Lulu! Ackkkkk! Too fun!

Yesterday, in the early evening, this box arrived from my dearest Blogland friend, Lulu, of Coastal Sisters . I had nearly finished a post and I KNEW it would be SO fun to dig into, but I figured I'd wait till today to post about it. Glad I did, because it certainly warrants a separate post! Look at the labels.......and low and behold, " A little bit of Magic!" Okay,,,,a LOT of magic!

First the darling card,,,,and then we'll tear into this sucker together! LOL
Too cute! I love this image! But what was written on the back was even BETTER!

Brief Prelude to this lovely box of goodies from Lulu:

Lulu and I "clicked" a while back, about a year ago. At first I couldn't put my finger on what it was about her that I felt such a connection for. I mean, me, a Pacific Northwest Gal,,,,,,,never been "South" of Chicago,,,,okay well, other than to "jump" over to Europe. And yet, I felt an affinity with this woman that for some time I just couldn't put a handle on.We both loved Animals to a fault (a big clincher there) and we both loved to craft, were both educated,  former careeer oriented/professional women,  although  now she primarily does jewelry and blog headers, And had this great sense of humor which I adore, and hopefully I share a bit of that quality, But then, one day, it hit me! And I had to email her and let her know!

It was the strength through adversity that made me truly appreciate her. We'd both been divorced.  She'd dealt with breast cancer and I'd been widowed and dealt with my son, as a Marine doing 2 tours in Iraq amongst other things. But it was HER courage, her strengths, that linked Her to my heart. Moving on, trying new things-both of us. Laughing and creating, meeting and sharing in THIS crazy new venue.  

I sent her an email when I finally realized what got to me and said, YOU get it! How to pick up, reboot, rethink, grow, let go and don't sweat the small stuff! THAT is Lulu! And that is why I love her!

So,,,,,,,,this package,,,and more importantly this "gift" of her wonderful friendship means a lot! Not the monetary aspect, but just because she knows me!

So, the wonderous goodies-

Lulu ordered ONE pair of these lovely Garden "Wellies" and they sent her TWO by mistake! It's great to have a friend that wears the same size as you!  I LOVE 'em! I guess I need to get busy in the yard now!

Inside the box was the gorgeous ring Lulu made! I absolutley fantabulously LOVE IT! I primarily wear Black/Creme with  bits of Hot Pink of Sage Green thrown in,,,,,,and always, always, Silver. Couldn't be more ME!!! This means SO much! And I cannot wait to tell everyone my friend Lulu made it!

Lulu also sent me this gorgeous read, called "The Find" by Stan Williams. This is the "Go to" book for junkers and antique hunters. It tells you what to look for, what to think about when your shopping and HOW to "rethink" a piece for your home! I love it,,such great ideas!

As previously stated, I LOVE love love, pink and green! And these napkins are delightful! But Green is probably my fav color-it is the only consistent in my home....I have green in EVERY room. And, I adore anything with polka dots! (How did she KNOW that?) I can't wait to use this darling spreader!!!
Too cute!

True Confessions? I am a ribbon and trim hoarder. I love them ALL! Big FAT ribbons, skinny little lace and metallic ribbons, Wired ribbons and trims......a girl can NEVER have TOO many ribbons and trims! You can quote me on that!

I've been saving ribbons for years. I blame my wonderful Aunt Lila, who got me "hooked" on the perfect package. But now I use these gems in crafts and art....Thanks Lulu for adding to my collection! Oooh la lah! If they decide to feature me on hoarders, it will, be gorgeous, but I'll have them fly you in as my accomplice! Love all those colors and textures, girlfriend!

And finally, some great "Fiesta" Festooning "Reeeeeeeeba Reeeeeeeba" and the Vintage Paper umbrellas shown below, which I will also use in various craft projects!! Oh they are spectacular!!! You KNOW I will have fun using ALL of these!

Let me tell you Girls, your "Hubbs" may give you a bit of romance and remembrence, your Kids may pull at your heartstrings with cards and sentimental gifts, but there is NOTHING like a girlfriend who really "gets you" and "knows you" to give you the perfect gifts!

Thank you Lulu for EVERYTHING! I love, love, love it all! But most importantly I love the fact that you KNEW what I would LOVE and that you took the time to prepare such an awesome package of things from the HEART for me!!!

Go Hug or thank a Blogging friend, for an idea, an inspiration, a pat on the back, or just taking the time to get to know YOU!

Hugs to you all, and especially for you that have become an intergral part of my life,,,,not matter the physical distance!


Accccckkkkkk! 100th post is FAST approaching, stay tuned for what I HOPE will be a fun giveaway!!!!


  1. Shelly - I am not at all surprised that you made a soulmate kind of friend - you are a very special person. How lucky you both are to have connected that way! Your gifts are lovely and the sentiment is even more precious. Thank you for sharing your lovely treasures and your story with us all.

    Once again - your blog is just so very lovely. The new design just suits you!


  2. Oh Sweetie, I am sitting here with tears of happiness running down my face. I am so gld you loved everything. Yes, I do "get" you and we truly are kindred souls. I can't wait until we go to Silver Bella together. This is going to be the most fun ever, especially because I get to go with YOU.

    Thank you so much for this sweet posting. I am so lucky and truly humbled by your love and friendship.


  3. Hey Shell, Lisa here, the "other" sister :o)
    What a sweet & wonderful post! She (Lu) IS pretty great, huh?!! I miss and love her SOOOOOO much!! Can't wait until she & Rick are home with me & Bobby, where they belong. Loves to ya!!


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