Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crafting for May 15th.........

On May 15th, we are having our big Antique and Crafting Faire in Snohomish. My dear friend Annie of Annies in Snohomish initated this venue last year, and it was spectacular! We had Vendors from all over Washington, Oregon and Idaho participate in this event.

Joyworks will have a booth again this year, right outside the shop and we will be featuring a lot of handcrafted and "repurposed" items for this Event. The last couple of days I've been constructing some funky crowns, flowers and hats that will be included in the Joyworks mix! I kind of had to think ouside the box, because a lot of my crafts are more "exacting" but I had fun making some funky items for the show and have several more on my list!
Marla was a good sport and sat still for her photo session. I think she's likin' the funky headwear!
Bits of lace, hand "dotted" Tulle, a feather here, a pearl there......
fancies up some DOLLAR Store headbands.

Paper crowns, big and small, un-bleached coffee filters makes some fun fringe! And DOLLAR store doillies make for fun and funky flowers!

Marla's sporting a funky crown made out of 88% recycled papers okay, well figuratively, not literally,
Marla can relate to this one! Shes a recycled Head-a Landfill Lady, although she's forgotton the whole experience, I think she was "Brain Washed!"

This little Garden Cherub got a Polynesian crown of sorts!
Coffee stained and stamped cardstock turned into leaves, burlap, and MORE coffee filter fringe!

And I've mae a ton of these funky flowers with clip backs to hang about. The gal at Mc Daniels did a double take when I appeared with bags of what appeared to be "roach clips." Then again , they give me double takes when I keep by cans of air that I use to blow off extra glitter too!

And well, I had to do at least one girly frou frou hat today,,,,,,,

Did someone mention Cake? I'm suddenly hungry!

Now, if I could just figure out something to make out of those 30lb dog food bags, we'd be talkin! "Anyone? Anyone?"

Of to the grocery store for ahhhhh, milk, yeah that was it!
Have a great Day!



  1. I am ooooooooing and ahhhhhhhhing over all these goodies!! The burlap one is my favorite!! You are just full of surprises!

    I have been having so much fun today making all kinds of things so I am back to playing!

    Love and PIECES!

  2. Wow, you really HAVE been a busy gal! It all looks super!


  3. Hi Shelly,

    My fever broke this morning so I finally got a few pictures of the P&P Art event posted. Hopefully I will be able to get more posted in a few days.

    xo Cathy

  4. Hi Shelly,

    Wow! you leave me breathless! Could you bottle me some of your boundless energy in one of your FABULOUS creations??? Perhaps adding a touch of fairy dust to the mix?
    The Fair sounds enchaining ... I remember attending all of those wonderful events when we lived over there! So many talented people ... and treasures awaiting to be found!

  5. I love all those funky, fun hats and crowns. How creative. Marla was such a good sport too! Poor dear to have to experience such trama so young, LOL! So wish you lived closer then I could come visit you at the show. Good luck and God bless. Cathy

  6. Oh dear - is there anything that you cant do! How utterly adorable. Love the flowers and the little hats!



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